Scanning Electron Microscope – HITACHI

PT Wadya Prima Mulia is an Authorized Distributor for HITACHI’s Scanning Electron Microscope and Table Top Microscope, also Ion Sputter and Ion Milling Authorized Distributor for Indonesia Territory

What is a Scanning Electron Microscope?

Let’s compare it with Optical Microscope. Optical Microscope uses visible light and a system of lenses to magnify images of small samples. With the example below, the Optical Microscope offers:

– Color images
– Magnification up to ~x1000
– Resolution up to μm

For Scanning Electron Microscope or SEM, it’s a type of electron microscopy that produces specimen images by scanning a focused beam of electrons over a sample. With the example below, the Scanning Electron Microscope offers:

– Black and white images
– Magnification: up to ~x1000.000 (depending on instrument)
– Resolution up to nm

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