Froilabo Air Performance

Berventilasi, Froilabo Air Performance dirancang untuk pengujian termal presisi suhu sekitar +10 °C hingga +250 °C.

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3 volumes

for all your needs

The new generations of Air Performance ovens have been designed for precision thermal tests of ambient temperature + 10°C to + 250°C. This range of ovens is available in 3 volumes: 60, 120, and 240 liters.

The interface


The range of Air Performance ovens offers easy-to-use control for drying, sterilization, and thermal testing. Color display of the set and actual temperature in the oven.


and security

This range of ovens provides total safety for the operator, the environment, and the product thanks to its class II overtemperature safety.

A drying oven

for your laboratory

Adjustable shelves, a simplified control panel, anti-tilt shelving, and an easy closing door guarantee ergonomic work.


fast and simplified

With its national after-sales service, the Froilabo company can respond quickly to all your requests for intervention and also offer you maintenance contracts.