Froilabo Ultra Low Temperature Freezers Bio Memory -86°C

Froilabo BM, yang dikenal membuat Froilabo terkenal, menawarkan konstruksi dan kinerja unik untuk keandalan yang patut dicontoh. Tersedia dalam 2 volume, 175L dan 1000L, untuk kapasitas maksimum 72.000 tabung.

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2 volumes

for all your needs

This range is available in 2 volumes, 175L and 1000L, for a maximum capacity of 72,000 tubes.

An under-bench model based on the BM175 is also available, with a height of 819mm.

A interface


The BM range, which is known for making Froilabo famous, offers unique construction and performance for exemplary reliability

A intuitive


The BMT range offers, in addition to the regulator equipping the BM range as standard, a touch screen integrated into the door for a more intuitive interface. The functions and performance are identical to the BM range.

A freezer created

for your laboratory

– Handle with progressive tightening,
– Temperature display at eye level on BMT,
– Inner tank stainless steel.

Protection and security

of your samples

The BM and BMT ranges are equipped as standard with the BoSS (Board substitution) system that allows you to directly power the compressors in the event of an electronic fault, thus avoiding the need for an emergency freezer for an electronic failure.

Control is entrusted to an industrial controller for exemplary reliability and durability.

Wide range

of interior equipment

– Full range of side access racks,
– Complete range of drawer storage units,
– Drawers suitable for storing microplates,
– Baskets suitable for bulk storage,
– Possibility of realization of custom storage elements.

A Service Team dedicated to

the protection of your samples

The Froilabo After-Sales Service is made up of a team of technicians specializing in -86 ° C freezers to maintain your freezers and guarantee the protection of your samples.