Olympus Microscope CKX53

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Inverted Microscope for Cell Culture

Dengan peningkatan kualitas gambar dan model yang lebih ergonomis, mikroskop inverted Olympus CKX53 memberikan kinerja yang stabil dan alur kerja yang nyaman untuk berbagai kebutuhan kultur sel, termasuk pengamatan sel langsung, pengambilan sampel dan penanganan sel, pengambilan gambar, serta pengamatan fluoresensi.

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Easy Live Cell Observations

Fast Cell Observation with the Integrated Phase Contrast (iPC) System

  • High contrast provides a clear view of cells at 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x without the need to exchange or re-center the ring slit
  • Phase contrast system facilitates simple and efficient cell observation for a faster, more comfortable workflow

Efficient Cell Screening with a Clear, Wide View

  • Efficiently screen for desired cells thanks to the ring slit for the PLN2X objective, which offers a 22 mm field of view and an 11 mm diameter
  • 2X objective provides noticeably higher contrast than other objectives, so even transparent objects in the sample can be clearly identified
  • Wide visual field makes it easy to observe the cells in individual wells of a 96-well plate without moving the stage
Integrated Phase Contrast (iPC) System
Wide and clear view with the 2X objective

Live Cell Observation Under Sterile Conditions 

Small Footprint Enables In-Hood Sterilization 

The CKX53 microscope fits on a clean lab bench and can be remain there during the UV sterilization process thanks to its UV-resistant coating. The system is about 7 kg (15.4 lb), lighter than the previous model and has a smaller footprint, so it takes up less space in your lab. You can move the microscope with one hand, and it’s easy to carry it by the neck of the observation tube. The base’s sliding pad makes it easy to position.

Easy Cell Sampling in a Sterile Bench Environment 

The short distance between the view point and the optical axis/focus knob facilitates natural hand positioning and makes focusing and cell sampling easier.

Efficient Cell Observation and Handling

Accommodates a Variety of Cell Culture Containers

  • The universal holder makes it easy to view cells that were cultured in a variety of containers, including dishes, microplates, and flasks 
  • Three 35 mm dishes can fit on the stage with the optional holder attachment
  • Different types of microplates can be accommodated without the holder

Comprehensive Observation for a Multilayer Tissue Flask

  • The microscope’s width and easily detachable condenser enable you to view containers, such as multilayer tissue flasks, up to 190 mm (7.5 in.) in height
  • The PLCN4X objective’s depth of focus makes it easy to observe cells in the two bottom layers of a multilayer flask 

Flexibility to Use Larger Cell Culture Containers 

  • Lift the holder’s arm to manually position culture containers
  • Expand the stage up to 70 mm (2.8 in.) to the left and right for greater handling flexibility
Accommodates various containers
Observation for a multi-layer tissue flask
Lift-able holder’s arm

Ergonomic Microscope Design

Comfortable Viewing Position 

The eyepieces’ 45-degree angle and the placement of the butterfly-shaped observation tube against the stage facilitates ergonomic cell observation, whether standing or seated. 

Rest Your Hand Near the Controls 

All the controls, including the power switch, coarse and fine focus, and the knob for switching the light path, are ergonomically located for easy access and reduced user fatigue.

Microscope Frame


Observation Method Fluorescence (Blue/Green Excitation)
Fluorescence (Ultraviolet Excitation)
Phase Contrast
Revolving Nosepiece Manual Standard Type Built in, 4 positions
Observation Tubes Widefield (FN 22) Trinocular
Illuminator Transmitted Illuminator LED Lamp
Fluorescence Illuminator 100 W Mercury Lamp
Light Guide Illumination
Stage Manual Plain Stage
Condenser Manual Ultra-Long Working Distance Condenser NA 0.3/ W.D. 72 mm (built in)
Confocal Scanner

Super Resolution Processing


Dimensions (W × D × H) 200 mm × 498 mm × 454 mm (7.9 in. × 19.6 in. × 17.9 in.) (Phase contrast entry configuration)
Weight Approx. 6.9 kg (15.2 lb)

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