Microscope CX43/CX33

Olympus Mikroskop Upright CX43/CX33

PT Wadya Prima Mulia sebagai Distributor Tunggal dari Evident-Olympus di Indonesia, menyediakan Upright Mikroskop CX43/CX33 dan produk lainnya.

Model mikroskop CX43 dan CX33 memungkinkan Anda tetap nyaman selama periode pengamatan rutin. Bingkai mikroskop sesuai dengan tangan Anda, dan lokasi kenop kontrol memaksimalkan ergonomi untuk meningkatkan efisiensi kerja. Dengan gerakan minimal, Anda dapat dengan cepat mengatur spesimen dengan satu tangan, sambil menyesuaikan fokus dan mengoperasikan panggung dengan tangan lainnya. Mikroskop juga dapat menampilkan port kamera opsional untuk tampilan gambar digital.

Maintain Preferred Observation Conditions with Minimal Adjustments

Uniform Illumination with Consistent Color Temperature

The CX43/CX33 LED illumination provides several advantages, both immediate and over the long-term:

  • Produces daylight conditions so specimens can be viewed with their natural colors
  • Consistent color temperature at any brightness, so can avoid spending time making adjustments when you change the brightness
  • A long 60,000-hour lifetime with the brightness level remaining stable throughout

Fixed Köhler Illumination for Comfortable Viewing

CX43 and CX33 microscopes provide fixed Köhler illumination, enabling you to achieve the right illumination without adjusting the condenser. 

CX LED Illumination
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Fixed Koehler Illumination
olympus - product_cx43-33_overview_03_en
Low-positioned focusing knob
olympus - product_cx43-33_overview_04_en
Focusing stopper

Remain Comfortable during Extended Usage

Ergonomically Positioned Focus Knob

The low-positioned focusing knob enables you to conduct your observations while keeping your hands and forearms in comfortable positions resting on the desk. When working under high magnification, the focusing stopper prevents a specimen from accidentally hitting an objective.

Ergonomic Stage and Eyepiece Position

CX43 and CX33 microscopes offer features that support you through long hours in the lab:

  • Low-positioned stage to enhance comfort and reduce fatigue
  • Stage visibility from the eye point position to enable you to smoothly set and check specimens
  • Low stage knob that can be controlled with just a light touch, so you can quickly and comfortably view your specimens

Excellent Optical Performance for Flat Images

CX43 and CX33 microscopes can be used with plan achromat objectives, which provide clear images with high image flatness over a wide field of view. You can view specimens clearly with even illumination during routine observations.*The CX43 is compatible with all UIS2 objectives while the CX33 comes with specially designed plan achromat objectives.

Simple Fluorescence Observation (CX43)

Fluorescence observation is simple and easy. Plug the compact fluorescent illuminator into the microscope frame and set the condenser turret to the FL position. The LED light source is pre-centered and has a long, 60,000-hour lifetime. Shutter the transmitted illumination by setting the condenser turret to the FL position to reduce the background noise cause by incidental light coming from the top of the condenser.

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Smooth Magnification Change

The revolving nosepiece is positioned at a lower height, enabling you to easily change objectives with your elbows resting comfortably on the desk.
The nosepiece also faces inward providing a larger working space when changing specimens or adding immersion oil.

Supports Up to Five Objectives (CX43)

For added flexibility, up to five UIS2 objectives can be supported on the revolving nosepiece. In addition to general objectives, you can select a 2X objective for wide area observation or objectives for phase contrast

Left: CX41 with the aperture stop closed and condenser down / Right: CX43 with the aperture stop closed /Sample: waxy cylinder
olympus - product_cx43-33_technologies_08
Left: CX41 with the aperture closed and condenser down /Right: CX43 with the aperture stop closed/Sample: trichophyton

Contrast Enhancement with a Simple Aperture Stop Operation

Quickly enhance the contrast by narrowing down the aperture diaphragm. This technique provides the same, if not better, image when adjusting the condenser.

Keep Your Desired Contrast Level and Observation Setting (CX43)

The CX43 microscope offers two different fixing pins that can help improve the observation workflow and reduce operation errors:

  • Maintain your desired contrast level using a fixing pin on the aperture diaphragm
  • Keep the microscope set to brightfield observation, if desired, using the fixing pin on the condenser
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Specimen holder sheet/ Double specimen holder

Specimen Holders that Match Your Observation Style

Multiple stage accessories are available to help improve efficiency. When using the specimen holder sheet, there’s no need to pinch the specimen with the holder. Instead, the holder enables you to easily maneuver the slide while it’s on the sheet. The double specimen holder can hold a large specimen or two standard sized glass slides.

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