Olympus Fiberscopes
Olympus Fiberscopes

Olympus Fiberscopes IF6PD4

Fiberscope dengan diameter kecil dapat digunakan untuk memeriksa area sempit atau memiliki akses terbatas, tersedia dalam ukuran 0,64 mm. IF6PD4 memiliki fokus okular untuk memastikan bahwa penglihatan operator individu diakomodasi dan dapat dilampirkan ke CCTV untuk perekaman gambar.

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Small diameter fiberscopes can inspect narrow areas or where access is limited and are available in 0.64 mm, 2.4 mm. Each model has an ocular focus to ensure that the individual operator’s eyesight is accomodated and can be attached to CCTV for image recording.

Ultra-Thin Diameters

The thinnest diameter flexible fiberscope (down to φ0.64mm). You can inspect inside narrow-diameter hole with 1mm or more diameter.
In some applications, the entry port size to the area of interest can be restricted and inserting a scope can be extremely difficult. This will often necessitate using an instrument of smaller diameter than conventional models.

These instruments have ocular focus to ensure that the individual operator’s eyesight is accommodated and can be attached to CCTV to allow the images to be permanently recorded. To illuminate the inspection area, any one of the Olympus light sources can be used.

Variety of Lineup

Extensive scope lineup of 0.64mm, 2.4mm (0.02, 0.09″) diameter at lengths of up to 1.2m (3.9′).

High resolution

Original Olympus high-performance optics technology, such as high-density glass fiber bundles, offers the world’s highest level of fiberscopic resolution and bright, sharp images.

Fully waterproof insertion section

Fully waterproof insertion section for underwater use. (Most models) Drip-proof control section.

Video documentation

Video recording is available by connecting a CCD camera.

Features and Functions
Outer diameterφ0.64 mm
Effective length490 mmIF6PD4-6
600 mm
990 mmIF6PD4-11
1,170 mm
Distal end length
Field of view58°
Direction of viewDirect Viewing
Depth of field (Fixed focus)1 to 50 mm
Illumination systemLight guide system
Bending sectionAngulation range
Light guide cable length2,000 mm
Operating environment
Operating temperaturesInsertion tubeIn air10 to 40℃ (50 to 104°F)
In Water10 to 30℃
(50 to 86°F)
Other parts than aboveIn air10 to 40℃ (50 to 104°F)
Operating atmospheric pressureInsertion tubeIn air / water1013hPa
Other parts than aboveIn air1013hPa
Liquid resistance (against machine oil, light oil and 5% saline)
WaterproofInsertion tube
Drip-proofControl section