PT Wadya Prima Mulia as the Authorized Distributor for ThermoFisher Scientific in Indonesia, provides Helios 6 HD FIB-SEM

More productive TEM workflows and better TEM data

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Helios 6 HD FIB-SEM

The Helios 6 HD FIB-SEM delivers high volume, high-quality, repeatable TEM samples on a wide variety of semiconductor device types and in a variety of manual and semi-automated workflows, supporting R&D, metrology, and failure analysis applications.

Helios 6 HD FIB-SEM meets semiconductor TEM sample preparation growing need

The Thermo Scientific Helios 6 HD Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM) is designed to meet the industry need for higher volumes of high-quality TEM data for failure analysis and metrology. This addition to the Thermo Scientific family of industry-standard DualBeam instruments delivers increased sample quality and productivity, which, in turn, deliver better TEM data. Producing higher quality TEM data provides actionable information to maximize manufacturing yields and end-product quality.

TEM sample preparation instrument availability

The Helios 6 HD FIB-SEM maximizes system utilization and reduces operating costs with its new Osprey FIB column. The Osprey FIB column with enhanced automated source and column alignments reduces the need for operator and service technician intervention. Additionally, the new Thermo Scientific EasyLift NanoManipulator extends needle life and reduces needle change time to minimize production interruptions.

TEM sample preparation throughput

The Helios 6 HD FIB-SEM features Thermo Scientific AutoTEM 6 Software, which performs automated alignments and enhances grid management for faster setup. An all-new digital scan engine allows simultaneous SEM imaging and milling, while also providing precise scan rotation and accurate pattern positioning. These hardware and software innovations maximize site-specific sample throughput.

TEM sample quality

Sample success rate and quality are of paramount importance, regardless of the type of sample or the sample complexity. Failure analysis labs are expected to deliver high-quality TEM data from every metrology or defect analysis sample.

The Helios 6 HD FIB-SEM contains a new digital scan engine and FIB-SEM control architecture, which provides manual or semi-automated end-pointing for precise isolation of the feature of interest within the sample. In addition, the new Osprey FIB column provides improved low-kV milling. These features combine to deliver high-quality TEM samples, to help you answer the most challenging analysis questions. 

TEM metrology

The Helios 6 HD FIB-SEM generates a high volume of TEM samples in a highly repeatable manner, making it ideally suited for semiconductor TEM reference metrology. The Helios 6 HD FIB-SEM complements the Thermo Scientific Spectra, Talos, and Metrios TEMs, delivering high-efficiency, reliable TEM metrology data. 

Electron sourceSchottky thermal field emitter, over 1 year lifetime
Ion sourceGallium liquid metal, 1,000 hours
Landing Voltage• 20 V–30 kV SEM
• 500 V–30 kV FIB
SEM resolution• Optimal WD 0.6 nm @ 2–15 kV, 0.7 nm @ 1 k V, 1.0 nm @ 500 V
• Coincident WD 0.6 nm @ 15 kV, 1.2 nm @ 1 kV
FIB resolution coincident WD• 4.0 nm @ 30 kV using preferred statistical method
• 2.5 nm @ 30 kV using selective edge method
• 500 nm @ 500 V using preferred statistical method
In situ TEM sample liftoutThermo Scientific EasyLift™ NanoManipulator
Stage• Five-axis, all-Piezo motorized
• Auto-QuickFlip Shuttle
• Automated loadlock
Sample typesBare or de-packaged die
Sample size36 mm x 66 mm
Application softwareAutoTEM 6 TEM Software sample preparation suite

Infectious Disease Research

Cryo-EM techniques enable multiscale observations of 3D biological structures in their near-native states, informing faster, more efficient development of therapeutics.

Structural Biology Research

Cryo-electron microscopy enables the structural analysis of challenging biological targets such as large complexes, flexible species and membrane protein.

Drug Discovery

Learn how to take advantage of rational drug design for many major drug target classes, leading to best-in-class drugs.

Plant Biology Research

Fundamental plant biology research is enabled by cryo electron microscopy, which provides information on proteins (with single particle analysis),

Pathology Research

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is used when the nature of the disease cannot be established via alternative methods. 

Process control using electron microscopy

Modern industry demands high throughput with superior quality, a balance that is maintained through robust process control. SEM and TEM tools with dedicated automation software provide rapid, multi-scale information for process monitoring and improvement.

Quality control and failure analysis

Quality control and assurance are essential in modern industry. We offer a range of EM and spectroscopy tools for multi-scale and multi-modal analysis of defects, allowing you to make reliable and informed decisions for process control and improvement.

Fundamental Materials Research

Novel materials are investigated at increasingly smaller scales for maximum control of their physical and chemical properties. Electron microscopy provides researchers with key insight into a wide variety of material characteristics at the micro- to nano-scale.

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