Olympus Mikroskop Upright BX46

PT Wadya Prima Mulia sebagai Distributor Tunggal dari Evident-Olympus di Indonesia, menyediakan Upright Mikroskop BX46 dan produk lainnya.

Dibuat untuk memenuhi kebutuhan terhadap penggunaan mikroskop secara rutin, mikroskop upright BX46 memiliki fitur yang membantu Anda tetap nyaman saat bekerja. Panggung diperbaiki sehingga dekat dengan permukaan meja Anda, membuatnya lebih dekat ke tangan Anda. Sampel difokuskan pada penggunaan nosepiece yang dapat digerakan.

Easy, Ergonomic Manual Stage Movement

The low-position handles and low-torque stage make it easy to move the specimen with a simple finger tap so you can keep your arms and hands resting in a comfortable position.

Mikroskop BX46 Ergonomic Manual Stage Movement
Mikroskop BX46 LED

LED Made for Clinical Research Applications

The LED’s color rendering index is similar to a halogen bulb with a daylight filter. Stains look the same as if you were using a traditional daylight filtered halogen lamp and similar colors can be differentiated. Unlike a halogen light source, the LED has an estimated 20,000-hour lifetime.

Stay Comfortable with the Ergonomic Tube

The tube moves up and down, tilts, and extends forward and back. With this one component, users of nearly any height can adjust the scope so that they’re comfortable.

Mikroskop BX46 Ergonomic Tube

Designed for User Comfort

The BX46 microscope is engineered to help you to maintain your ideal, ergonomic posture while you work. The design enables you to keep your back and neck upright, allowing the spinal column to assume its natural curvature. With the ultra-low stage, you can maintain an ergonomic, 90-degree elbow angle.

Easy Sample Navigation

The low-torque stage with eco grip XY controls reduces the force required to navigate around a sample. Combined with the ultra-low stage, you shouldn’t have to lift your hand while scanning a sample.

Fast Image Acquisition

Mount the remote exposure knob to either side of the microscope to acquire images without taking your eyes off the sample.

Polarized Light Observation

Use the BX46 microscope for polarized light observation by inserting an analyzer into the nosepiece. A rotating stage can replace the standard mechanical stage to further improve the process.

Tailor to Your Imaging

You can easily adapt the BX46 microscope for advanced research or conferencing. Our digital cameras and cellSens imaging software* offer the ability to capture histological stains with pixel-precise fidelity.

*cellSens is not for clinical diagnostic use.

Observation MethodBrightfield
Simple Polarized Light
IlluminatorTransmitted Köhler IlluminatorLED Lamp
FocusFocusing MechanismNosepiece Focus
Intermediate Magnification ChangerManual Terret
Revolving NosepieceManualStandard (5 positions)
StageManualManual Stages with Right-Hand Control
  • X: 76 mm (3 in.), Y: 52 mm (2 in.)
MechanicalPlain StageDimensions: 180 mm × 150 mm (7 in. × 6 in.)
Rotatable Graduated Stage
  • Rotation: 360 degrees
Precision Rotatable Stage
  • Rotation: 360 degrees
CondenserManualSwing-Out CondenserNA 0.9/ W.D. 2 mm (1.25X–100X) (built-in)
Observation TubesWidefield (FN 22)Binocular
Tilting Binocular
Tilting Trinocular
Ergonomic Tilting Binocular
Tilting, Telescopic, Lifting Binocular
Dimensions (W × D × H)274.5 mm × 362 mm × 410 mm (10.8 in. × 14.3 in. × 16.1 in.) (Standard configuration)
Weight17 kg (37.5 lb) (Standard configuration)
Operating EnvironmentIndoor UseAmbient Temperature5 °C–40 °C (41 °F–104 °F)
Maximum Relative Humidity80% for temperatures up to 31 ºC (88 ºF), decreasing linearly through 70% at 34 ºC (93 ºF), 60% at 37 ºC (99 ºF), to 50% relative humidity at 40 ºC (104 ºF)
Supply Voltage Fluctuations±10 %

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