Olympus Mikroskop Upright BX63

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Fleksibel dan mudah digunakan, mikroskop upright BX63 berkemampuan fully motorized nosepiece untuk fokus ke sampel, memungkinkan stages lebih kokoh untuk stabilitas tambahan. Motorized stage yang halus dan senyap didukung oleh ultrasonic piezo technology untuk pengoperasian yang presisi.

Fast, Efficient Image Capture

Enter observation condition data in the touch panel controller, and it’s automatically transferred to cellSens image analysis software. The process manager enables fully automated multichannel image acquisition.

Control at Your Fingertips

The controller enables you to change observation methods with just a touch. Choose between guidance mode to navigate the procedures currently in use and full mode for access to the entire range of settings. You can save multiple observation points and conditions in advance and quickly recall previously used imaging conditions.

Familiar Focusing and XY Stage Controls

You can detach the stage controller from the frame and place it where it’s most convenient. When used with the ultrasonic stage, it creates a user-friendly workflow with an operation that mimics a manual focusing stage. Switches on the controller enable you to change between different observation methods, objectives, and mirror units while simultaneously selecting intensity adjustments or image capture.

Stable Imaging

The fixed stage facilitates stable, reliable imaging. Samples are focused using the precise motorized nosepiece. Z-stack capture and deconvolution are also highly accurate.

Efficient Motorized Nosepiece and Field Diaphragm

Change objectives using either the remote handset or PC software for efficient imaging. When combined with cellSens software, you can automate advanced imaging techniques that require multiple magnifications.

Even Fluorescence Across the Field of View

Fluorescence illuminators with a fly-eye lens provide homogenous illumination across the entire wavelength spectrum and simplify burner alignment.

Flexible 8-Position Illuminator

Easily changeable mirror units to provide flexibility for a wide variety of fluorescence specimens. The design reduces the need to replace mirror units for multicolor or FISH applications, further accelerating your work.

Mirror Units Optimized for Fluorescence

The fluorescence mirror units have advanced coatings that provide high transmission and steep cut-off slopes. The interior surfaces eliminate over 99% of stray light for high sensitivity and sharp color separation.

High-Transmission Objectives with Reduced Autofluorescence

UIS2 objectives with a high numerical aperture (NA) have chromatic aberration corrections to provide high resolution, even from faint fluorescence signals. Advanced coating technologies reduce autofluorescence and improve the signal-to-noise ratio for flat, high transmission over a wide wavelength.

Observation Method Brightfield
Phase Contrast
Fluorescence (Blue/Green Excitations)
Fluorescence (Ultraviolet Excitations)
Differential Interference Contrast
Simple Polarized Light
Illuminator Transmitted Köhler Illuminator LED Lamp
100 W Halogen Lamp
Fluorescence Illuminator 100 W Mercury Lamp
Light Guide Illumination
Focus Focusing Mechanism Nosepiece Focus
Intermediate Magnification Changer Manual Terret
Revolving Nosepiece Motorized (7 positions)
Stage Motorized BX3-SSU Ultrasonic Stage for BX3 X: 76 mm (3 in.), Y: 52 mm (2 in.)
Manual Manual Stages with Right-Hand Control X: 76 mm (3 in.), Y: 52 mm (2 in.)
Mechanical Oil Rectangular Stage with Right-Hand Control X: 76 mm (3 in.), Y: 52 mm (2 in.)
Condenser Motorized Universal Condenser NA 0.9/ W.D. 1.5 mm for 1.25X–100X [swing-out: 1.25X–4X, with oil top lens: (NA 1.4/ W.D. 0.63 mm)]
Manual Universal Condenser NA 0.9/ W.D. 1.5 mm for 1.25X–100X [swing-out: 1.25X–4X, with oil top lens: (NA 1.4/ W.D. 0.63 mm)]
Swing-Out CondenserNA 0.9/ W.D. 2 mm (1.25X–100X)
Achromatic/Aplanatic CondenserNA 1.4/ W.D. 0.7 mm (oil) (10X–100X)
Darkfield Condenser DryNA 0.8–0.92/ W.D. 4.52 mm (10X–40X)
Darkfield Condenser OilNA 1.2–1.4/ W.D. 0.5 mm (20X–100X)
Observation Tubes Widefield (FN 22) Binocular
Tilting Binocular
Tilting Trinocular
Ergonomic Tilting Trinocular
Tilting, Telescopic, Lifting Binocular
Trinocular for Infrared
Erected Trinocular
Erected Ergonomic Tilting Binocular
Dimensions (W × D × H) 294.5 mm × 740.5 mm × 582.5 mm
(12 in. × 29.2 in. × 23 in.) (Epifluorescence configuration)
Weight 35 kg (Epifluorescence Configuration)
Operating Environment Indoor Use Ambient Temperature 5 °C–40 °C (41 °F–104 °F)
Maximum Relative Humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31 ºC (88 ºF), decreasing linearly through 70% at 34 ºC (93 ºF), 60% at 37 ºC (99 ºF), to 50% relative humidity at 40 ºC (104 ºF)
Supply Voltage Fluctuations ±10 %

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