Olympus Stereo Microscope SZX7

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Sistem optik Galilean mikroskop stereo SZX7 menawarkan kualitas gambar yang sangat baik, terutama saat menggunakan kamera mikroskop digital. Mikroskop ini cocok untuk aplikasi tampilan life science dengan high color fidelity optics, rasio zoom 7:1, dan dudukan LED universal.

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The SZX7 stereo microscope features a 7:1 zoom ratio, built-in electrostatic discharge protection, and uses an advanced Galilean optical system for brilliant, highly resolved images. Ergonomic features include easily accessible microscope controls and adjustable eye tubes for comfortable viewing at an affordable price.

Optical Excellence

Galilean Optical System

Galiliean Optical System Diagram

The Galilean Optical System (0.8x -5.6x zoom range) in combination with the improved coatings used in our distortion free objective lens series with their large numerical apertures provide the optimal image for any sample at any appropriate magnification.

Superior Performance from a Choice of Eight Interchangeable Objectives

Lineup of Objective Lenses

DFPL2x /DPFL1.5x /DFPL 0.75x /DFPL 0.5x
The DFPL series accurately reproduce sample shapes with outstanding color fidelity.

Apochromatically corrected to achieve the highest degree of performance, Excellent resolving power, contrast, and image flatness with minimum distortion.

Well-balanced objectives that combine high resolving power with long working distance.

Versatile Illumination Solutions

LED Illumination – Combination Reflected and Transmitted Light Stand

LED Illumination Stand

Ultra thin and eco-friendly LED stands provide energy efficient trouble free usage.

“Off the Bench” Illuminator

Dual Interlock Light Guide Illuminator

This specially designed fiber optic light source can mount directly onto the stand for a clutter free workspace. Available with single or double interlock and ring light guides, this system provides bright long-life illumination.

Coaxial Reflected Illumination System

Coaxial Reflected Light Illuminator

Used with the dual flexible light guide, this illuminator provides bright, even illumination without the need for centering adjustments to the lamp.

White LED Illuminator System

White LED Ring Light
*This model may vary by geographic region.

A long-lasting ring light illuminator with minimal thermal effect and superior brightness is ideal for homogeneous lighting.

Universal Stand and Digital Imaging

A Variety Universal Stands

Combination of SZ2-ST
Combination of SZ2-STU2

Curved ultra-slim stand with contoured base plates provides easy sample access while reducing stress and strain to the user’s hands and arms.
For inspecting or assembling large samples, Olympus offers a variety of adjustable and ESD safe boom stands. Large platform stands are also available and, if required, can accept 400 mm and 600 mm auxiliary posts.

SZ2-STU2: The arm’s angle and length can freely be adjusted.
SZ2-STU3: The stand is clamped on the side of a desk for assembly and inspection lines.

Recording and Storage of Digital Images

Our full line of digital cameras are easily adaptable to the SZX7 and available as stand alone systems or PC controllable, software routines vary from simple capture to measurement, report generation and database archiving.

Stereomicroscope System SZX7 Specifications
Optical System Galilean Optical System
Total Magnification 4.0x-336x*1
Zoom Body Zoom Ratio 7 (0.8x-5.6x)
AS Option
Observation Tube Binocular/Trinocular/Tilting Trinocular Observation Tube
Extendable Eyepoint Adjuster SZX2-EEPA
Focus Stand
Objective Lens Magnification Type N.A. W.D. (mm) Total Magnification *2 *3 Field Diameter of View (mm)*2 *3
0.5x Plan Achromat 0.05 171 4x-28x Ø55-Ø7.9
0.75x Plan Achromat 0.075 116 6x-42x Ø36.7-Ø5.2
1x Plan Apochromat 0.1 81 8x-56x Ø27.5-Ø3.9
Achromat 0.1 90 8x-56x Ø27.5-Ø3.9
1.25x Plan Apochromat 0.125 60 10x-70x Ø22-Ø3.1
Achromat 0.125 68 10x-70x Ø22-Ø3.1
1.5x Plan Achromat 0.15 45.5 12x-84x Ø18.3-Ø2.6
2x Plan Achromat 0.2 33.5 16x-112x Ø13.8-Ø2.0
Dimensions (W x D x H) 194 mm x 253 mm x 403 mm
Weight 4.5 kg (in Standard Configularion)
Remark *1 total magnification range possible by combining an objective lens and eyepiece
*2 in the case of using eyepiece 10x
*3 SZX2-LTTR: intermediate magnification is 1.25X

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