Olympus Inverted Microscope IXplore Standard

PT Wadya Prima Mulia sebagai Distributor Tunggal dari Evident-Olympus di Indonesia, menyediakan Inverted Microscope IXplore Standard.

Tampilan gambar dengan kualitas tinggi

Dirancang untuk tampilan gambar fluoresensi multiwarna sederhana dan eksperimen rutin, sistem mikroskop IXplore Standard mudah dioperasikan dan mampu menghasilkan gambar berkualitas publikasi yang sangat baik. Berbagai opsi unit yang memudahkan didapatnya hasil yang akurat.

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Accuracy and Repeatability

Smooth Tracking at High Magnification

The IX3-SVR manual stage features a smooth positioning system that enables cells to be easily tracked, even at high magnifications. 

  • Observation limit settings immobilize the stage and help maintain its position, including during reagent applications, even if the stage is inadvertently touched.
  • Using the stage’s fixing plate and positioning screws, you can remove a 35 mm dish from the stage, transfer it to an incubator, and return it to its exact previous position.

Easy Köehler Illumination

The condenser can be moved and easily reset to Köhler illumination using the conveniently located condenser lock and control knobs. 

Encoded Units (Optional Peripherals)

A Cost-Effective Way to Upgrade to a Smart Microscope

A wide range of optional units are available for upgrades, including:

  • 8-position motorized or encoded fluorescence mirror turrets
  • 6-position motorized or encoded nosepiece
  • Motorized long working distance universal condenser
  • Filter wheels and shutters

Ease of Use

Focus on Dim Fluorescence Signals with Intelligently Designed Noise Reduction

The multiframe live noise reduction (FNR) feature makes it possible to capture low-noise, high-speed images of live specimens in real time. Olympus’ noise reduction technology enables users to obtain sharp fluorescence images, even in when fluorescence signal is low. The FNR feature takes multiple pictures of an image and then eliminates random background noise. The camera will stop the FNR automatically when the stage is moving, making it easier to scan your specimen and focus during fluorescence imaging. 

High Contrast under Bright Conditions

The unit is designed specifically for fluorescence observation. It efficiently blocks out room light, enhances the contrast of fluorescence, and enables clear fluorescence observation under bright conditions.

Intuitive operation with cellSens imaging software

Olympus cellSens software is easy to use, powerful, and flexible. Using a modular design, the software can be tailored to your budget and imaging applications. This enables the software to grow and adapt to meet evolving research needs. 

Simplify Your Workflow

Objectives for Observation Using Plastic Vessels

LUCPLFLN series objectives, and in particular the UCPLFLN20XPH (NA 0.7), are well-suited for observation using plastic dishes. The objectives enable high-resolution observation of the cell proliferation process and deliver improved contrast across a wide area. This gives you the flexibility to image through plastic-bottom dishes in addition to glass.*Image: iPS-cell expressing Nanog reporter (GFP) Image data courtesy of: Tomonobu Watanabe, Ph.D. Laboratory for Comprehensive Bioimaging, RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center

High-Quality Imaging

High Signal-to-Noise Fluorescence Mirror Units for Efficient Signal Detection

All fluorescence mirror units feature filters treated with a specially developed coating that absorbs more than 99% of stray light. This reduction in reflections and high transmittance of the mirror units helps provide fluorescence images with a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Microscope Frame


Observation Method Fluorescence (Blue/Green Excitation)
Fluorescence (Ultraviolet Excitation)
Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
Phase Contrast
Revolving Nosepiece Motorized (6 position)
Revolving Nosepiece
Manual Coded (6 position)
Observation Tubes Widefield (FN 22) Tilting Binocular
Illuminator Transmitted Köhler Illuminator LED Lamp
100 W Halogen Lamp
Fluorescence Illuminator 100 W Mercury Lamp
Light Guide Illumination
Fluorescence Mirror Turret Motorized (8 position)
Manual Coded (8 position)
Stage Motorized IX3-SSU Ultrasonic Stage for IX3
  • X: 114 mm, Y: 75 mm
Mechanical IX3-SVR Mechanical Stage with Right Handle
  • X: 114 mm, Y: 75 mm
IX3-SVL Mechanical Stage with Left Short Handle
  • X: 114 mm, Y: 75 mm
Condenser Motorized Universal Condenser W.D. 27 mm, NA 0.55, motorized aperture and polarizer
Manual Universal Condenser NA 0.55/ W.D. 27 mm
Ultra-Long Working Distance Condenser NA 0.3/ W.D. 73.3 mm
Confocal Scanner

Super Resolution Processing


Dimensions (W × D × H) 323 (W) x 475 (D) x 721 (H) mm (IX73 microscope frame)
Weight Approx. 47kg (IX73P2F)

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