Sound Source

Sound Source A sound source that fulfills the standards for building acoustic measurements is required for professional use. Brüel & Kjær offers a complete range of sound sources for room and building acoustics, including our Tapping Machine, and 12-speaker omnidirectional OmniPower™ Sound Source. The sound sources are ideal with our range of Power Amplifiers and […]

Acoustic Calibrators

Acoustic Calibrators The high reliability of electronic measuring instruments such as sound level meters enables you to make accurate measurements after a simple check with one of our acoustic calibrators. In many cases this check is also carried out after each measurement to validate the results. To make sure an instrument is working correctly, more […]

Impedance Tube – Acoustic Material Testing Kits

Impedance Tube – Acoustic Material Testing Kits Acoustic material testing designed for measuring the acoustical properties of sound and noise control materials. The material testing kits are supplied with testing tubes, microphones, and sound sources, providing you with a complete system, to test the acoustic performance of road surface absorption, insulation, and general noise control materials.