IMS 1300-HR³

Large Geometry Ion Microprobe for Geosciences

The IMS 1300-HR³ is a large geometry ion microprobe delivering unequalled analytical performance for a wide range of geoscience applications: tracking geological processes using stable isotopes, dating minerals, determining the presence and distribution of trace elements. Its high sensitivity and high lateral resolution also make it the tool of choice to search and measure uranium particles for nuclear safeguards purposes.

A unique combination of High Reproducibility at High spatial Resolution and High mass Resolution

With the new IMS 1300-HR³, CAMECA greatly improves the performance of its large geometry SIMS, already a market leader, and now offers the geoscience community a unique combination of High Reproducibility at High spatial Resolution and High mass Resolution.The tool addresses the growing demand for small scale, in situ isotopic measurements at high precision and productivity, opening a wide range of research directions, from stable isotopes, geochronology and trace elements to small particles and beyond.

Key features inherited from the IMS 1280-HR and previous model:

  • Large geometry design to provide optimum sensitivity at high mass resolution
  • Versatile multicollector system for highest precision isotope measurements
  • Dual primary ion sources for analysis of positive & negative secondary ions
  • Superior ion imaging capabilities (microprobe and microscope modes)
  • Enhanced magnet control system for high reproducibility at high mass resolution
  • Remote operation, full automation, powerful application-dedicated software

Advances & benefits of the IMS 1300-HR³:

  • New RF-plasma oxygen source with greatly enhanced beam density and current stability, dramatically improving spatial resolution, data reproducibility and throughput
  • New motorized storage chamber with automated sample height (Z) adjustment significantly increasing analysis precision, ease-of-use and productivity
  • UV-light microscope for improved optical image resolution, together with dedicated software for easy sample navigation
  • 1012 Ω resistor Faraday cup boards: low noise electrometry system for measuring low counting rates

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