A compact sized shaker-incubator with an excellent temperature distribution

The Lab-Shaker LS-Z and the incubator Kuhner Kelvin+ combine approved Kuhner quality in a new modular system to provide maximum flexibility to our customers. The LS-Z, just like its predecessor LS-X, is a sturdy benchtop shaker designed for continuous and maintenance-free ope­ration. Our new Kuhner Kelvin+ is a compact sized incubator with an excellent temperature distribution.

Performance characteristics

  • Compact footprint
  • Hygienic design: easy cleaning
  • Fast regeneration time due to stainless steel chamber
  • Very good temperature distribution
  • Large feedthrough port
  • Kuhner TOM online measurement tool upgradable


Reliable technology by Kuhner

The in-house designed magnetic drive system of the LS-Z shaker guarantees accurate control and low energy consumption/heat dissipation even at high speeds. The maintenance-free direct drive is long lasting, robust, and economical. Our Kuhner Kelvin+ incubator has a precise temperature control and comes with a very consistent temperature distribution – for reliable and reproducible cultivation processes.


New modular system

The LS-Z comes with three functional options: benchtop only/stand-alone, combinable with incubators from other manufacturers, or combined with our new Kuhner Kelvin+ for temperature control. The LS-Z shaker will accept loads up to 25 kg and the shaking diameter can be adjusted at any time. There are three standard shaking diameters (12.5, 25 and 50 mm) with others available on request. The LS-Z shaker unit tolerates an ambient relative humidity of up to 90% and features a detachable control unit and power cube. Therefore, the LS-Z is extremely flexible regarding its installation site: it can be placed in any lab incubator or temperature controlled room.

Benchtop only / stand-alone
LS-Z &  Kuhner Kelvin+
Combinable with incubators from other manufacturers


Can be placed almost anywhere

To take up as little work space as possible in your lab, the LS-Z shaker and Kuhner Kelvin+ both have a very small footprint and can thus either be placed under any standard table or lab bench or be used as a benchtop device. The compact Kuhner Kelvin+ has a flat front and space saving door mechanism. The big window provides a good overview of your cultivation vessels even with closed door.


Starter model with great options

LS-Z and Kuhner Kelvin+ are the perfect starter set, e.g. for universities or start-ups with limited space and resources. They can be used for cultivation of microbial, plant, human and animal cell cultures. For cell culture fermentations, which require a humidity and CO2 controlled environment, LS-Z and Kuhner Kelvin+ are combinable with the Flask Aeration System by Kuhner.


Features for automated processes

The LS-Z has a fixed stop position, which is especially useful for automated processes. The integration in a liquid handling system was successfully performed several times already. Due to the flexible Net60 interface, the LS-Z can be controlled by nearly every external software system.

Hygienic Design

Easy Cleaning

The drive is protected from spills and the Kuhner Kelvin+ incubator can be easily dismounted for cleaning the whole surface or removal of any unwanted liquid. The incubator chamber can be cleaned with chemicals or sterilized.


Quality guaranteed

As with all Kuhner products, the LS-Z and the Kuhner Kelvin+ are cost effective investments in quality backed with a five year warranty.

LS-Z und Kuhner Kelvin⁺

Dimensions (in mm)