Cytogenetic laboratories have been at the forefront of diagnosing and predicting the course of diseases for decades. Following completion of the human genome project, the capacity to comprehensively analyze the human cancer genome has expanded significantly. Digital karyotyping and molecular testing have advanced to allow for the detection of DNA copy number alterations in cancer at the whole-genome scale.

Since undergoing the digital revolution, cytogenetic labs have made significant strides in the diagnosis and prognosis of both cancer and constitutional disorders. Companion diagnostics personalized tests have become routine in patient care, contributing the rising tests volume and stressing the need for automation and efficient workflow.

Digital imaging and analysis and automated workflows equip labs with accurate, repeatable and standardized analysis, all the while reducing turnaround.


ASI’s imaging solutions support multiple applications and workflows for Cytogenetic laboratories. HiBand provides an AI-based end-to-end workflow for unattended scanning followed by automated AI-based high throughput karyotyping. HiFISH is an industry-leading solution for digital FISH diagnostics, providing powerful algorithms for accurate classification, start & walkaway scanning and onscreen review for significantly improved user experience. CytoPower is our imaging and analysis solution for digital karyotyping and FISH diagnostics.