ASI’s Digital Pathology Portfolio provides the necessary tools pathologists need in order to meet the growing demands of modern pathology. HiPath Pro provides increased accuracy and standardization through digital IHC scoring and Whole Slide Imaging. PathFusion supports digital FISH analysis and tissue matching, leading to increased diagnostic confidence for pathologists.

With the upsurge in complex diagnoses and the evolution of their role, pathologists today are facing formidable challenges, including increased workloads, quantitative interpretation and the need to integrate vast amounts of data into a clinically relevant assessment.  The rising incidences of cancer and advancements in precision medicine have contributed to the evolving nature of Pathology- bringing it to the center of multi-disciplinary patient care. In addition, technological developments have enabled modern techniques and expedited workflows, paving the way to 21st century medical innovation.

Advanced tests including special stains, immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridization are growing in numbers and complexity. Companion assays such as HER2, PD-L1 and ALK, have raised the standard of care by helping to evaluate the suitability and predict the response to specific treatments.

All of this has therefore created a need to revolutionize the foundation of how pathology is practiced.


The introduction of digital pathology has opened the door to countless new possibilities. Whole Slide Imaging, creating virtual slides out of glass, computational image analysis and automated workflows are redefining pathology and shaping the future of cancer care.