Fully automated SIMS for compositional measurement in the semiconductor fab

The AKONIS SIMS tool fills a critical gap in semiconductor fabrication processes by providing high throughput, high precision detection for implant profiles, composition analysis and interfacial data directly in the semiconductor manufacturing line. AKONIS offers a very high level of automation to ensure repeatability across tools for fab level process control and tool-to-tool matching.

AKONIS: SIMS Excellence Brought to the Fab!

Complementing the IMS Wf/SC Ultra as well as the SIMS 4550 (quadrupole SIMS) used to support the semiconductor industry via characterization labs, AKONIS – with full automation of instrument set-up and acquisition routines – enables rapid, within-fab analysis without compromise in analytical sensitivity. AKONIS benefits from recent development in EXtremely Low Impact Energy (EXLIE) ionic column technology (< 150 eV), coupled with a full wafer handling system including a high resolution stage enabling measurements on pads down to 20 μm.

The high yield enabler on N5 and beyond

  • High resolution composition and fast dopant depth profiling of SiGe and SiP multilayer stacks
  • Unrivalled in pad detection limits down to 20 μm
  • More than 97% of time reduction to feedback data to the process line
  • Blanket and patterned full wafer measurement
  • Pattern recognition engine coupled with high resolution interferometric stage for < 2 μm position accuracy
  • Intuitive recipe creation based on unique material database
  • SEMI certified (S2/S8, E4, E5, E39, E84…)
  • Low cost of ownership

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