Type 2270 is our flagship, two-channel vibration meter, and vibration analyzer, designed for advanced measurement capabilities while providing the flexibility to perform simultaneous sound and vibration measurements.

Type 2270-W is a compact and rugged two-channel vibration meter and vibration analyzer (without preamplifier). Connect one or two accelerometers and Type 2270-W becomes a highly accurate vibration meter.

The two channels enable simultaneous measurement of two separate signals, which in certain applications halves the time required for measurement.

Beyond the two channels, Type 2270-W features pre-selected measurement apps,  enabling vibration measurements of level and crest factor. With the addition of more specialized apps and accessories, you can expand the instrument for any tasks.


  • Vibration level checks
  • Crest factor measurements

To enable Type 2270-W for advanced vibration meter features, Enhanced Vibration and Low-Frequency Option BZ-7234, and an appropriate accelerometer is required for: 

  • Quality testing and inspection
  • Product development
  • Machinery analysis and troubleshooting
  • Building vibration
  • Low-frequency building vibration measurements according to ISO 8041:2005 and DIN standards
  • Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO)


Type 2270-W can be used as a Class 1 sound level meter by fitting an appropriate preamplifier and microphone.

When adding specialized apps and accessories, you enable to expand the normal capabilities of Type 2270-W for a wide range of noise measurement tasks, such as FFT analysis, noise source identification, sound intensity, occupational health and safety (OHS), environmental noise logging, product development and quality control, building acoustics and infrasound (G-weighting) measurements.