CC40NX Series – Large-Scale Continuous Flow Ultracentrifuge

CC40NX Series is a Large-Scale Continuous Flow Ultracentrifuge from himac

Large-Scale Continuous Flow Ultracentrifuge

himac CC40NXseries is designed expressly to purify large-volume samples such as viral particles or nanosized particles. Depending on the optional rotors and cores selected, the CC40NX series can be used to purify the viral particles or nanosized particles by density gradient centrifugation method and precipitate particles in large-volume samples by differential pelleting method, either in continuous low centrifugation or in batch centrifugation.

  • Maximum rotor volume: 8L
  • Maximum rotating speed: 40,000rpm
  • Maximum R.C.F.: 118,000xg
  • High-frequency induction motor for low operating sound and space saving design

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Low Operating Sound & Space Saving Design

  • A drive system of the CC40NX series is himac original and the latest high-frequency induction motor. This drive system does not require an extra space for separated utilities, such as an air turbine compressor and chiller which are widely used in conventional type of the one in the market. Also, the high-frequency induction motor minimizes operating sound, especially while the acceleration.
    • Required space: No extra space for utilities is required. (space for main unit and control unit only)
    • Operating sound:70dB or below(when stable at 40,000rpm:CC40NX/SNX)
    High-frequency induction motor

Two Models for Different Process Volume

  • CC40NX : This model is designed expressly to purify large-volume samples such as viral particles or nanosized particles.
    Max. Speed : 40,000rpm, Max. RCF : 118,000xg, Max. Rotor Volume : (Batch process : 8L, Continuous-flow process : 7.7L)
  • CC40SNX : With approximately one-half capacity of the CC40NX, this model is ideal for research, development, pilot production and small-volume production of pharmaceuticals and nanosized materials.
    Max. Speed : 40,000rpm, Max. RCF : 118,000xg, Max. Rotor Volume : Continuous-flow process : 1.6L (Continuous-flow process only)

Designed with safety in mind

CC40NX series comply with international standards and/or requirements, such as EN60204-1, EN12100, EN61000-6-4, EN61000-6-2.
Of course, CC40NX series carry CE mark with them.

Sterilization-in-Place (SIP)

To sterilize the rotor ant the parts in contact with a sample, steam or chemical sterilization in the installed place can be practiced with Titanium alloy made core at option.

Control Unit

  • Windows® based touch-sensitive LCD panel PC controller offers simplified operation to users. Our intelligible screen design with GUI(Graphic user interface) and high contrast against back screen enables users to identify operating status at a glance and operate the system easily. Of course, the control software supports U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 so that operating data is handled with the highest security and prevented from corruption or falsification. In addition, operating log data can be output in CSV format via USB port for your data management and analysis by commercially available data base or spreadsheet software. Ethernet communication is also available at option.
    1. Screen design is subject to change due to upgrade of software without advance notice.
    2. Windows® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
Control Unit
Screen images simulated

Example of Gradient Separation

Example of Gradient Separation


  • Control unit (controller, refrigeration unit and vacuum pump etc. are integrated)
  • Main unit (vacuum chamber, motor and lift are included.)
  • Rotor cart for installing and replacing the rotor (sold separately)
  • Template to anchor the main unit (sold separately)
  • Rotor and core (sold separately)
  • Sample feed system (option)
  • Sample Tank (option)
  • Maintenance tool kit (sold separately)



(Photos : with stainless steel chamber option)


Max. Speed40,000rpm
Max. RCF118,000×g (with C40CT series rotor)
Speed control accuracy±100rpm
Temp. control accuracy±2℃
Speed setting rangefrom 1,000 to 40,000rpm
Temp. setting rangefrom 0 to 40℃
Timer setting rangefrom 1 min. to 99 hours 59 min. (with HOLD function)
Vacuum systemOil rotary vacuum pump
Drive systemInduction motor (direct drive)
Control systemMicrocomputer control
Display / control panelColor touch-sensitive LCD panel
Height to top of the controller: 1,400mm
Height to top of the controller: 1,400mm
Power RequirementAC 200, 208, 220, 230, 240V +/- 10%, Single phase, 30A, 50/60Hz
CatalogueCC40NX series catalogue (PDF:6,100KB)

Mechanical options

  • Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Remote Operation
  • Vacuum Filter


After-Installation options

  • IQ/OQ Validation
  • Application Support
  • Periodical Maintenance
  • GMP Inspection