Dynamica Centrifuge Velocity 17R Pro

The Velocity 17R Pro is the excel version of the 14R Pro which protects your sample by refrigeration with higher speed spin. It inherits all the features of Velocity 14R Pro but with higher speed and RCF up to a maximum speed of 17,000 RPM / 25, 507xg.

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Auto Rotor Recognition

Automatic rotor recognition and confirmation once centrifugation has commenced, including rotational speed calculation and optimum temperature control. Furthermore, new rotors can be easily loaded onto the on-board database as they are introduced.

Auto-Lock Rotor

With the Velocity 17R Pro you simply need to place the rotor onto the drive shaft. The auto lock and secure mechanism performs the rest. Once centrifugation is complete, simply lift the rotor off the drive shaft. Quick, easy, efficient and safe.

High Imbalance Tolerances

Innovative motor engineering and mounting (including a flexible drive shaft) allow for greater imbalance tolerances, so much so that samples can be balanced simply by eye. No more weighing – just fill tubes or bottles to within 5mm of each other.

Fast Acceleration And Deceleration

The innovative high-torque drive technology effortlessly accelerates even the heaviest rotors to terminal velocity quickly and efficiently. A full load will achieve maximum velocity within a few minutes. 10 pre-set acceleration and 11 pre-set deceleration profiles (including coasting deceleration) ensure the best separation, even for the most delicate density gradients.

Quiet Operation

Noise abating insulation in the console, including lower noise fans, combine to reduce the audible operating noise to ≤58dB.