Polaris Series – Cryogenic Inventory Racking System

The stainless-steel Polaris inventory racking systems are designed for long-term sample storage applications.

Unlike traditional cryogenic storage that immerses samples in liquid nitrogen, or vapour storage systems where samples are housed above a liquid reservoir, Polaris is a truly dry storage system. A nitrogen jacket surrounds the sides and base of a central chamber creating a dry storage system and ensures temperature uniformity.

Available in five storage sizes, the largest can store up to 107,100 vials.

Product Description

  • Dry working chamber – virtually no risk of cross-contamination or exploding vials
  • Lower sample storage temperature than conventional units
  • Full volume of chamber can be utilised for racking. No loss of storage space under the lower plate as seen in vapour phase vessels
  • Full logging of temperature/alarms
  • Built-in high-level safety and sample protection

Principles of Dry Storage

  • More uniform temperature profile from base to lid.
  • Liquid envelops the chamber including sides
  • Physical separation of samples from LN2
  • Lid can be left open for access for several hours
  • Dry storage offers -190 °C with all vessels

Polaris Sensors

  • Temperature Sensor – PT1000 Class A (measuring range -200 °C to +200 °C) (calibration point -196 °C)
  • Level Sensors (Cryogenics Proprietary Sensors responsive to LN2 vs gaseous phase) – Low Alarm/ High Alarm
  • Continuous Level Capacitance Probe (CryoGauge 242 – battery powered – 2 yrs. – standard AA cell. Accuracy +/- 5mm. Pressure test 40 bar
  • Gas Vent Sensor (QLA100GV probe – capacitance probe. Pressure tested to 10 bar)
  • Available port for 3rd party temp sensor (8mm ID)