Invizo 6000

The 3D Atom Probe with the largest field of view

The Invizo 6000 3D Atom Probe microscope introduces major technology breakthroughs to push the boundaries of atom probe analysis. Its ultra wide field of view flight path and unique dual-beam deep UV laser pulse system result in higher single-specimen yield and a greater analysis volume with improved reconstruction fidelity, allowing more information to be obtained from each dataset. The Invizo 6000 is an ideal choice for advanced research on a diverse set of applications.

At the core of CAMECA’s Invizo 6000 3D Atom Probe is a completely new counter electrode concept which, in addition to enabling ion optics with unprecedented APT field of view, allows the symmetric laser illumination of the specimen, thus leading to unrivaled analytical capabilities.

The Invizo 6000 offers a unique combination of the largest field of view of all 3D Atom Probes, while maintaining a high mass resolving power (MRP) thanks to a novel double einzel lens technology. It also incorpororates an advanced 257.5 nm deep UV (DUV) laser module enabling dramatic improvements in specimen yield and data reconstruction quality.

  • Better control your experiment and access lower detection rates by capturing more of the evaporated surface to achieve better data quality and specimen yield
  • Improve your reconstruction accuracy though more uniform adsorption of the DUV laser and thermally-coincident dual sided illumination of the specimen
  • Capture larger volumes in less time to provide more data from your region of interest 

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