Kuhner Shaker - ISF1-X (Climo-Shaker)
Kuhner Shaker – ISF1-X (Climo-Shaker)

Stackable incubator shaker for microbial, mammalian and plant cell applications

The ISF1-X incubator shaker is suitable for applications in modern laboratories, research centres and production facilities. It offers a large shaking capacity with a small footprint and also many features allowing straightforward, safe handling of product.

Performance characteristics

  • Up to three machines can be stacked
  • Large shaking capacity with small footprint
  • Adjustable shaking diameters
  • Heating and cooling
  • CO2 and controlled humidity options available


Reliability pays

All ISF1-X components are designed for durability and reliability. A Kuhner shaker is a cost effective investment in quality backed with a five year warranty.


A system that grows with your needs

Up to three ISF1-X shaking incubators can be stacked together for greater shaking capacity. Stacking is a simple procedure without the need for special tools or stacking kits. Each machine operates independently and can be equipped with cooling if required. For cell cultivation the ISF1-X is available with CO2. If using microtiter plates or particularly long cultivation times in shake flasks, the controlled humidity option will help reduce evaporation.

Direct drive

The Kuhner direct drive cannot be matched

The maintenance-free direct drive is both long lasting and economical. The drive is protected from spills and the all stainless steel interior has a drain at the back for quick removal of any unwanted liquids. The incubator chamber can be cleaned with chemicals or sterilized using optional UV lighting. Kuhner’s direct drive system allows the shaking diameter to be changed at any time as well as guaranteeing low energy consumption.

Safe system

A safe system

An upward opening door fitted with a safety switch, means the ISF1-X is easy to load and unload. Automatic supervision of the mains voltage protects the shaker and in the event of a voltage spike the unit disconnects from the mains. The machine resumes operation at the set values once power is restored.


Innovation Partners

The ISF1-X sets today’s standard for incubator shakers thanks to its technology and functionality. To keep it that way, Kuhner maintains close contact with well-known universities and experts. We constantly investigate new developments looking for opportunities to further optimise the design and performance of our machines.

Technical Data


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