Kuhner Shaker – ISF4-X

Large incubator shaker with a minimal footprint and up to five independent shaker units

The Kuhner ISF4-X incubator shaker offers large shaking capacity with temperature, humidity and CO2 control all available. The shaker cabinet can incorporate four or even five independent shaking units which are height adjustable. The shaking diameter and speed of each unit can be individually selected. Standard diameters are 12.5, 25 and 50 mm. Other shaking diameters are possible.

Performance characteristics

  • All stainless steel interior
  • Large shaking capacity
  • Easy access to contents
  • Each shaking unit has its own direct drive
  • Door heating, with controlled humidity


Guaranteed quality

When designing the ISF4-X special emphasis was placed on reliability and durability. The high quality of Kuhner shaking machines is backed with a five year warranty.


Safety and convenience

The large door opening of the ISF4-X allows easy access to the shake flasks inside. The doors are fitted with a safety switch to ensure shaking stops when the doors are opened. 

The large windows allow a clear view of incubator’s contents. The entire ISF4-X chamber is made of stainless steel making sterilisation with chemicals possible.


Energy saving operation

The highly efficient direct drive system means economic low power consumption and the cooling system also operates with energy efficiency.

Electrical protection

Electrical protection

Automatic supervision of the mains voltage protects the shaker and in the event of a voltage spike the unit disconnects from the mains. The machine resumes operation at the set values once power is restored.

Technical Data


Dimensions (in mm)




Mains connection

Shaking unit SF-X

Shaking Motion