Space saving stackable incubator shaker

The Kuhner LT-X (Lab-Therm) incubator shaker has the same capabilities as the larger ISF1-X and ISF4-X models. The incubator shaker was specially developed to address the shaking needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The practical size of the LT-X means it will fit in any laboratory.

Performance characteristics

  • Fits into any laboratory 
  • Used in biotech and pharmaceutical industries
  • Accepts flasks up to 6 litres
  • Two units can be stacked without the need for special kits or tools
  • Humidity, CO2 and O2 control available

Extra space

Extra space

Exceptional chamber height means flasks up to 6 litres capacity can be accommodated. If using smaller flasks, there is sufficient head height to fit one or two stationary trays above the shaking table. It is also possible to stack two LT-X together without the need for special kits or tools.

Direct drive

Functionality through direct drive

The maintenance-free direct drive guarantees long and economical performance from the LT-X. The shaking diameter can be changed at any time thanks to Kuhner’s unique direct drive system. The integrated drive is protected from spills and the all stainless steel interior has a drain at the back for any unwanted liquids. The chamber can be cleaned using chemicals or sterilized with optional UV lighting.


Safety and quality 

A door switch ensures the motor stops as soon as the door is opened. After closing the door properly, the motor restarts. The safety, reliability and quality of our shakers are of personal concern to everyone at Kuhner which is why all our machines are supplied with a 5 year warranty. 



The LT-X can be equipped with options for CO2, O2,controlled humidity, LED photosynthesis, UV lighting and much more. It is now also possible to integrate measuring data from Kuhner shakers with your company’s own network using Kuhner Insight software together with the NET-60 interface.

Technical Data


Dimensions (in mm)





Mains connection

Shaking unit

Shaking motion

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