Microscope BX53
Microscope BX53

Olympus Upright Microscope BX53

PT Wadya Prima Mulia as the Exclusive Distributor for Evident-Olympus in Indonesia, provides BX53 Upright Microscope and other products.

The LED illuminator for the BX53 is equivalent to or better than a 100 W halogen lamp, delivering brightness that’s appropriate for teaching or contrast methods. The BX53 upright microscope can be customized for different observation methods, such as phase contrast and fluorescence, with modular components.

Acquire Precise Images with X Line Objectives

These objectives combine improved flatness, numerical aperture, and chromatic aberration to deliver clear, high-resolution images with better color accuracy across the entire spectrum. The elimination of violet color aberration creates clear whites and vivid pinks, improving contrast and sharpness.

Bright LED Lighting Designed for Pathology and Laboratory

With spectral characteristics similar to halogen light sources, the LED illuminator enables you to view the purple, cyan, and pink colors important in clinical research applications while enjoying the long use life of an LED.

Digital Imaging Helps Simplify Your Work

From advanced research to capturing images for conferences, our digital microscope cameras and cellSens imaging software help ensure fluorescence imaging with a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Upgrade to Motorized Components

Automatically record and share magnification setting information with the optional coded nosepiece or change observation methods with a single touch using the hand switch. Motorized options include:

  • Fluorescence cube
  • Filter wheel
  • Nosepiece
  • Condenser

Bright Images in Multi-Head Configurations

The multi-head light path has been redesigned not only to orient all images the same way but also to allow the intense LED to provide clear, bright images for up to 26 participants.

Save Microscopy Data via Coded Units

Add an optional coded nosepiece to your BX53 microscope to automatically record and share magnification setting information for post-imaging treatments. The metadata is automatically sent to cellSens software, helping minimize mistakes and scaling errors

Surface of Fly-eye Lens, Enlarged Image

Even Fluorescence Across the Field of View

Fluorescence illuminators with a fly-eye lens provide homogenous illumination across the entire wavelength spectrum and simplify burner alignment.

Flexible 8-Position Illuminator

Easily changeable mirror units to provide flexibility for a wide variety of fluorescence specimens. The design reduces the need to replace mirror units for multicolor or FISH applications, further accelerating your work.

Mirror Units Optimized for Fluorescence

The fluorescence mirror units have advanced coatings that provide high transmission and steep cut-off slopes. The interior surfaces eliminate over 99% of stray light for high sensitivity and sharp color separation.

High-Transmission Objectives with Reduced Autofluorescence

UIS2 objectives with a high numerical aperture (NA) have chromatic aberration corrections to provide high resolution, even from faint fluorescence signals. Advanced coating technologies reduce autofluorescence and improve the signal-to-noise ratio for flat, high transmission over a wide wavelength.

Condenser Reduces Back Reflections

During fluorescence imaging, the motorized universal condenser reduces back reflections and autofluorescence by swinging its top lens out, automatically closing its diaphragm to a minimum, and locating the wheel between two positions.

Comfortable Stage

Mechanical stages are coated with an abrasion-resistant ceramic and have a rackless, wire-driven design.

Keep Your Arms Resting on the Desk

The stage handle extender enables you to keep your arms resting on the desk while you work. A rubber cap can be mounted to the handle, so you can control the stage with small force.


Microscope Frame
Optical System
UIS2 optical system
Vertical stage movement: 25 mm stage stroke with coarse adjustment limit stopper, torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knobs, stage mounting position variable, high sensitivy fine focusing knob (minimum adjustment gradations: 1 µm)
Built-in Kohler illumination for transmitted light, light preset switch, light intensity manager switch, high color reproductivity 14 W LED light source (Brightness: equivalent to or brighter than a 100W halogen lamp, LED light emission method: 405nm excited RGB flourescence subtance)
Revolving Nosepiece
Interchangeable reversed quintuple/sextuple/septuple/coded sextuple/coded septuple nosepiece
Observation Tube
Widefield (FN 22)
– Widefield tilting trinocular
– Widefield trinocular
– Widefield tilting binocular
– Widefield tilting, telescopic, lifting binocular
– Widefield ergo binocular
 – Widefield binocular
Super Widefield (FN 26.5)
– Super widefield trinocular
 – Super widefield erect image tilting trinocular
Ceramic-coated coaxial stage with left or right hand low drive control: with rotating mechanism and torque adjustment mechanism, optional rubber grips and stage handle extension adaptor available (non stick grooved coaxial, plain, rotatable stages arer also available
– Abbe (NA 1.1), for 4X-100X
– Swing out Achromatic (NA 0.9), for 1.25X-100X (swing-out: 1.25X-4X)
– Achromatic Aplanatic (NA 1.4), for 10X-100X
– Phase contrast, darkfield (NA 1.1), [phase contrast: for 10X-100X, darkfield: for 10X-100X (up to NA 0.80)]
– Universal (NA 0.9), for 1.25X-100X [swing-out: 1.25X-4X, with oil top lens: (NA 1.4)]
– Low (NA 0.75), for 2X-100X (Dry)
– Darkfield dry (NA 0.8-0.92), for 10X-100X
 – Darkfield oil (NA 1.20-1.40), for 20X-100X
Flourescence Illuminator
– Multi-purpose coded type (FN 22, 8-position mirror unit turret, 4-position ND slider)
 – Economical type (FN 26.5, 8-position mirror unit turret)
Flourescence Light Source
– 130 W mercury light guide illumination
– 100 W mercury apo lamp housing and power supply unit
 – 100 W mercury lamp housing and power supply unit
Operating Environtment
– Indoor use
– Ambient temperature
: 5° to 40 °C (41° to 104 °F)
– Maximum relative humidity
: 80% for temperature up to 31 °C (88 °F), decreasing linearly through 70% at 34 °C (93 °F), 60% at 37 °C (99 °F), to 50% relative humidity at 40 °C (104 °F)
– Supply voltage fluctuations
: not to exceed ±10% of the normal voltage

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