The next frontier in nanoanalysis for science & high-tech

The NanoSIMS-HR is the next generation of the world-acclaimed NanoSIMS 50/50L Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer series which have contributed to major advances in the most diverse fields of fundamental research and industrial innovation: material sciences and semiconductor, geo- and cosmochemistry, plant and soil sciences, environmental microbiology, cell biology and medical research.

With the new NanoSIMS-HR, CAMECA delivers breakthrough instrumental innovations that will boost the versatility of this unique ion microprobe, improve data quality, and enable scientists and engineers to accelerate discovery and innovation under ever increasing workloads and tighter deadlines.

Key improvements and new features of the NanoSIMS-HR include:

Highest sample fidelity

  • Unprecedented lateral resolution (30 nm) thanks to new cesium source and redesigned platform equipped with anti-vibration isolation
  • Depth resolution down to 12 nm per decade for depth profiles down to 8 x 8 µm2 area thanks to new electronics facilitating instrument tuning
  • Pristine sample analysis with glovebox and cryogenic accessories

Improved throughput

  • 2.5x faster image acquisition at 100 nm lateral resolution thanks to brighter cesium source with higher current density
  • A variety of larger sample holders can now accomodate more samples of various sizes
  • 10x more precise sample stage enabling faster acquisition of smaller images, and thus 10x faster unattended chained analysis

Ease of use

  • Automated introduction from storage to analysis chamber
  • Easy and accurate navigation on 3.6 x 4 mm2 optical image to directly target regions of interest
  • New high resolution electronics facilitating peak centering and tuning optimisation
  • New standard bar enabling UHV storage of precious standards and easy loading for analysis
  • Remote operation facilitating large analysis sessions that necessitate multiple sample holders

Reliability & Uptime

  • Upgraded Rf-Plasma O- source with optimum cooling system
  • Latest Pfeiffer turbomolecular and primary pumps
  • New control electronics including redesigned high voltage power supply

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