Apreo 2 SEM

PT Wadya Prima Mulia as the Authorized Distributor for ThermoFisher Scientific in Indonesia, provides Phenom Pharos G2 Desktop FEG-SEM

Tabletop field emission gun scanning electron microscope for high quality imaging across disciplines.

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Field emission gun scanning electron microscope

The Thermo Scientific Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM brings field emission SEM to your tabletop. The Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM will outperform many floor-standing SEMs in terms of image quality, while offering a vastly better user experience. For academic and industrial laboratories that so far did not consider SEM a realistic option, the Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM makes FEG performance accessible thanks to its attractive form factor and short training required. Blazing fast sample loading means fast sample exchange, which means higher productivity. Unlike other SEMs, which end up being fully booked, the Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM performs imaging and analysis jobs so quickly that it serves well as a walk-up tool.

The new Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM expands its acceleration voltage range down to 1 kV, to better accommodate insulating and beam-sensitive samples, and up to 20 kV, with a resolution of 2.0 nm that reveals the finest details.

Unique field emission source

Unique among desktop SEMs, the Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM offers a field emission source, which guarantees high brightness, crisp images, and stable beam current.

Gentle imaging

With a voltage range down to 1 kV, the Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM enables imaging of beam-sensitive samples, such as polymers, as well as insulating samples, without the requirement to apply a coating. As a result, nanoscale surface features are not obscured.

A world of information

On the Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM, morphological information is acquired together with compositional information, thanks to SE, BSE, and EDS detectors built into the system. A range of sample holders is available for temperature-controlled or electrical experiments.

Excellent resolving power

The Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM offers a resolution of 2.0 nm at 20 kV. Such performance shows the shape of nanoparticles, imperfections in coatings, or other features that would be missed by tungsten SEMs or other tabletop SEMs.

Higher productivity

While FEG SEMs have a reputation for being difficult to accommodate and difficult to operate, the Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM literally requires only a desk, and less than one hour of training. Master students, visitors, or other researchers typically not trained to work on high-end FEG SEMs can easily use the Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM to create eye-catching images.

Resolution• 2.0 nm (SE), 3 nm (BSE) at 20 kV
• 10 nm (SE) at 3 kV
Electron optical magnification rangeUp to 2,000,000x
Light optical magnification27 – 160x
Acceleration voltages• Default: 5 kV, 10 kV and 15 kV
• Advanced mode: adjustable range between 1 kV and 20 kV
Vacuum modes• High vacuum mode
• Medium vacuum mode
• Integrated charge reduction mode (low vacuum mode)
Detector• Back scattered electron detector (standard)
• Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) detetor (optional)
• Secondary electron detector (optional)
Sample sizeUp to 25 mm diameter (32 mm optional)
Sample heightUp to 35 mm (100 mm optional)

Process control using electron microscopy

Modern industry demands high throughput with superior quality, a balance that is maintained through robust process control. SEM and TEM tools with dedicated automation software provide rapid, multi-scale information for process monitoring and improvement.

Quality control and failure analysis

Quality control and assurance are essential in modern industry. We offer a range of EM and spectroscopy tools for multi-scale and multi-modal analysis of defects, allowing you to make reliable and informed decisions for process control and improvement.

Fundamental Materials Research

Novel materials are investigated at increasingly smaller scales for maximum control of their physical and chemical properties. Electron microscopy provides researchers with key insight into a wide variety of material characteristics at the micro- to nano-scale.

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