Kuhner Shaker - RC2-X(Pilot-Shaker)
Kuhner Shaker – RC2-X(Pilot-Shaker)

High capacity shaking machine for heavy loads, suitable for temperature controlled rooms

Kuhner developed the RC2-X specifically for large capacity shaking. It will accept two large C-size trays (800 x 660 mm) which can be fitted with Erlenmeyer flask clamps, test-tube holders or sticky mats etc.

Performance characteristics

  • Large capacity
  • Multipurpose loading of the C-tray
  • Ideal for temperature controlled rooms
  • Orbital shaking with maximum speed of 400 rpm
  • Maintenance free, continuous operation with minimal power consumption

Space requirement

Small space requirement despite largest capacity

Thanks to the Kuhner direct drive, the RC2-X can be run continuously without requiring maintenance. As standard, the orbital shaking diameter is set at 50mm. Other user specific diameters are possible. This shaker has a maximum speed of 400 rpm making it suitable for all applications.


Dimensions (in mm)

Kuhner Insight Software

Mains connection