Kuhner Shaker – SBM SS-X – Rack-Shaker

Extendable rack system with integrated shaking units suitable for temperature controlled rooms

The Kuhner Rack-Shaker SBM / SS-X is a space saving shaker system designed for environmental rooms, laboratories and corridors.

Performance characteristics

  • Integrated shaking system with racks and shaking units
  • Robust rack system
  • Ideal for temperature controlled rooms, laboratories and corridors
  • Each shaking unit has its own direct drive
  • Low heat loss with energy efficient drive system


Flexible, integrated system

Up to four shaking units (SS-X) can be incorporated into a single rack. The robustly built rack system ensures the shaking units run quietly. The rack system is designed and constructed for maximum flexibility, can be adapted to fit almost any room and is easily extended. The configuration of the shaking units can be altered at any time with little effort. Each shaking unit is fitted with a speed controller and operates independently. Users are able to choose either orbital or linear motion as well as a suitable shaking diameter for each unit.


Ideal solution for temperature controlled rooms

The rack system is suitable for use in temperature controlled rooms. Racks and shaking units are made of stainless steel with hermetically sealed electronic parts.

Low energy

Low energy consumption – low heat generation

The Kuhner drive emits very little unwanted heat which is an important factor when using the rack system in temperature controlled rooms. The low energy consumption of the drive means low heat generation.


Dimensions (in mm)

Mains connection

Shaking unit SS-X

Shaking motion