Flexible shaking machine for heavy loads that can be customized to your requirements

With the SR200-X, Kuhner offers a very flexible shaking machine concept. The SR200-X consists of a solid base incorporating the Kuhner direct drive system.

Performance characteristics

  • For use with customer specific vessels
  • Solid base with integrated Kuhner direct drive
  • Designed for heavy loads
  • Ideal for climate controlled rooms
  • Orbital shaking with maximum speed of 300 rpm


Maximum flexibility through use of various vessels

The superstructure can be custom built to suit the customer’s application e.g. cell cultivation in containers of up to 100 litres; or for particularly gentle mixing of solutions such as protein solutions, in different types of vessels.

This machine is suitable for use in climate controlled rooms as the Kuhner direct drive generates very little heat. The SR200-X is designed for maintenance-free continuous operation, with a maximum speed of 300rpm and a standard orbital shaking diameter of 50mm. Other user specific diameters are possible.


Dimensions (in mm)

Kuhner Insight Software

Mains connection