PT Wadya Prima Mulia as the Authorized Distributor for ThermoFisher Scientific in Indonesia, provides Vitrobot Mark IV System Sample Preparation Device

Vitrobot Mark IV System offers reproducible vitrification of biological samples

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The Thermo Scientific Vitrobot Mark IV System offers semi-automated vitrification to provide fast, easy, and reproducible sample preparation for cryo-EM. It performs the cryo-fixation process at constant physical and mechanical conditions like temperature, relative humidity, blotting conditions, and freezing velocity. This ensures high-quality cryo-fixation results and a high sample preparation throughput prior to cryo-TEM observation.

The Vitrobot System offers great value to the demanding scientific areas of cell biology and molecular imaging. It is equally suitable for food, industrial, pharmaceutical, and nanotechnological applications – where the true colloidal structure of your analyte is critical.

The vitrification process

Highly automated vitrification process with enclosed process chamber:

  • Automated shutter control allows smooth, instant injection of the sample grid into the coolant (liquid ethane or propane). A lift for the container brings the coolant close to the shutter to ensure optimal vitrification.
  • Synchronous lowering of the coolant container and the grid holder keeps the grid submerged in the coolant and minimizes the risk of contamination prior to transfer ring the sample into a storage box or cryo holder.  
  • Coolant container with integrated anti-contamination ring.  
  • Grid transfer from the coolant towards a grid box in the liquid nitrogen environment is semi-automated. 

Sample application

Vitrobot Mark IV System provides precise and flexible control of all critical parameters in the plunge-freezing process:

  • Small sample volumes can be applied manually with a pipette through a small side port on the left and the right side of the climate chamber.
  • Both application time and wait time (between application and blotting) are software controlled and can be set in the user interface.
  • Precisely timed control of multiple sample applications, blotting actions, and vitrification enables time resolved analysis of interactions among separately applied components.

Vitrobot Mark IV System interface and instrument control

Easy and flexible user interface:

  • Linux operating system  
  • Touch screen control and set-up  
  • Mouse and foot pedal controls also available 

Vitrobot blotting device

  • Excess fluid is removed from the grid by (repeated) blotting with filter paper on rotating foam pads.
  • Number of blotting actions (max. 16 times for one grid) and duration of blotting are software controlled and can be set in the user interface.  
  • Longitudinal grid positioning (‘blot offset’) and wait time between blotting and vitrification (‘drain time’) are user definable. 

Weight31 kg
DimensionsL/W/H: 413/260/890 mm
Power supply• Voltage 110 – 230 V  
• 50 – 60 Hz  
• Fuse 4 AT (110 V USA)  
• Fuse 2 AT (230 V Europe)  
• Power cable 90 – 250 V 
Operating parameters• Working temperature 4–60° C (at an ambient temperature range between 18–25° C)  
• Peltier controlled heating/cooling  
• Maintain relative humidity at 100%  
• Ultrasonic controlled humidification

Single particle analysis

Single particle cryo-EM analysis enables structural characterization at near-atomic resolutions from purified proteins or protein complexes.

Cryo electron tomography

Cryo-electron tomography is a technique that allows the study of the 3D structure of cells and tissues at near-native conditions

Integrative structural biology

Integrative structural biology combines mass spectrometry and cryo-EM for the determination of large dynamic complex structure.

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