PT Wadya Prima Mulia Memperkenalkan Dasar-dasar Teknik Mikroskopi Fluoresensi dan Pemindaian Laser Confocal (Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope), Melalui Kerjasama dengan Pusat Penelitian Nanosains dan Nanoteknolgi ITB Guna Mendukung Kemajuan Penelitian Indonesia

Guna mendukung perkembangan penelitian dalam bidang life-science, PT Wadya Prima Mulia bekerja sama dengan Pusat Penelitian Nanosains dan Nanoteknologi Institut Teknologi Bandung (PPNN ITB) menyelenggarakan workshop luring pada 15 Maret 2023 di Gedung Center of Advance Science (CAS) ITB. Workshop ini ditujukan untuk memperkenalkan kepada publik mengenai teknik fluoresensi dan pemindaian laser confocal serta aplikasinya […]

Scanning Electron Microscope – HITACHI

PT Wadya Prima Mulia is an Authorized Distributor for HITACHI’s Scanning Electron Microscope and Table Top Microscope, also Ion Sputter and Ion Milling Authorized Distributor for Indonesia Territory What is a Scanning Electron Microscope? Let’s compare it with Optical Microscope. Optical Microscope uses visible light and a system of lenses to magnify images of small […]

CX23 Evident – Olympus Indonesia

PT Wadya Prima Mulia is the Exclusive Distributor of Evident – Olympus Microscope for Life Science and distributes CX23 Upright Microscopes The CX23 microscope eases specimen handling and the related setting adjustments, owing to its user-oriented design features: Inward-facing rotating nosepiece, enabling easier access to stage, so you can quickly change specimens and easily apply […]

Exclusive Distributor of Applied Spectral Imaging in Indonesia

PT Wadya Prima Mulia is the Exclusive Distributor of Applied Spectral Imaging for Indonesia Applied Spectral Imaging is a global leader in biomedical imaging with a comprehensive product portfolio for Karyotyping, H&E, IHC and FISH analysis. The Company’s advanced technology provides Pathology, Cytogenetics and Research laboratories with end-to-end solutions from slide scanning, high-resolution Whole Slide […]

Exclusive Distributor of Olympus-Evident For Life Science in Indonesia

PT Wadya Prima Mulia is the Exclusive Distributor of Evident-Olympus Microscope for Life Science in Indonesia Olympus Corporation is an International company operating in: Industrial, Medical and Consumer Markets, specializing in Optics, Electronics and Precision Engineering. Olympus Scientific Solutions is now Evident, but the commitment to creating advanced life science and industrial solutions that help […]


PT Wadya Prima Mulia participated in LabIndonesia 2022 held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia On 7 – 9 September 2022. PT Wadya Prima Mulia presents demo units for hands-on testing, namely various products such as the following: BX53 with ASI camera GenASIs CX23 CX43/CX33 EP50 Documentation The following is a collection of documentation […]

Sakura Finetek Authorized Distributor

PT Wadya Prima Mulia merupakan Distributor Resmi dari Sakura Finetek Japan Co. untuk Sektor Swasta di Indonesia Sakura Finetek Japan Co., Ltd. telah aktif dalam pengembangan produk inovatif untuk patologi anatomi sejak didirikan pada tahun 2001. Selain memberikan produk yang inovatif, andal, dan berkualitas, Sakura Finetek juga memberikan pelatihan teknis dan layanan aplikasi untuk membantu […]

WEBINAR – Application of Bioimaging Technology on Stem Cell Research Development

Details Date and Time 5/11/2022, 9:30 AM – 5/11/2022, 11:30 AMTime zone: (UTC+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta Platform Microsoft Teams meeting Description In order to bring together experts in the field of education, practitioners, and technology related to stem cell development, we PT Wadya Prima Mulia together with ITB-Olympus Bioimaging Center would like to hold a […]