Ideal freezing environment for preservation of vaccines, blood plasma, test samples, specimens and other biologics. The Automatic defrost system saves you time to focus on what’s most important, thus removing of samples are not required when defrosting. Stores the samples safely with the high quality cooling.

Biomedical freezers store your samples and keep them secure with Arctiko’s exceptional cooling reliability and performance. This is due to high-quality cooling performance and user-friendliness of the Arctiko G214 controller. The result is a freezer which lives up to even the strictest requirements for lower power consumption, more precise cooling uniformity, temperature and alarm surveillance, documentation and validation. As a result, you get a freezer which lets you focus on your work and research without distractions from your equipment.


There are several beneficial features to Arctiko’s biomedical freezers.


With a flexible interior, you can mix shelves and drawers to meet your different storage needs.

Air forced cooling gives you high-temperature stability and fast temperature recovery after the door has been open.

To provide the best possible security of your samples, all models have a door lock.

The interior of stainless steel provides high hygiene and makes it easy to clean.

Choose to add ATEX approved spark free interior to store flammable liquids safely.


Documentation of storing pharmaceutical drugs under a certain temperature is a requirement for pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. These requirements are enforced by health ministries in several countries such as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. To support the documentation process, we offer a controller with features such as a data logger with memory and on-screen graphs.


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