TYPE 2250-S


Type 2250-S is a compact and robust class 1 sound level meter. With the addition of specialized applications, the instrument’s functionality can be expanded to meet any measurement task, including product noise and vibration assessment.

Type 2250-S is a class 1 sound level meter (SLM) that comes with the microphone, preamplifier and basic applications you need to get started with accurate environmental, occupational and industrial measurement tasks.

It is rugged enough for the field yet precise enough to go straight to the lab. Type 2250-S can be expanded with specialized applications such as building acoustics, FFT analysis, tone assessment and noise and vibration.


  • General-purpose class 1 sound measurements to the latest international standards
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) noise assessments
  • Environmental noise assessment and logging
  • Product development and quality control
  • Sound and vibration FFT analysis
  • Building acoustics, loudness and noise rating measurements
  • Tone assessment using 1/3-octave and FFT methods
  • Infrasound (G-weighting) measurements according to ISO 7196:1995 and ANSI S1.42–2001 (R2011)


  • Class 1 sound measurements to latest international standards
  • Environmental noise assessment and tone assessment (1/3-octave and FFT)
  • Loudness and noise rating measurements
  • Occupational noise evaluation
  • Reverberation time measurements
  • Building acoustics
  • Product quality control
  • Noise source identification using sound intensity
  • Audiometer calibration
  • Real-time analysis in 1/1- and 1/3-octave bands
  • Analysis of logging profiles for broadband parameters and spectra
  • Vibration criteria measurements
  • Low-frequency building vibration according to ISO 8041:05 and DIN 45669 – 1:2010 – 09
  • Whole-body and hand-arm human vibration measurements (RMS, MTVV and Crest Factor)
  • Infrasound (G-weighting) measurements according to ISO 7196:1995 and ANSI S1.42 – 2001 (R2011)


  • Hardware
    • 2-channel measurement capability with any combination of microphones and accelerometers
    • Large, high-resolution, touch-sensitive colour screen
    • Communication via USB, LAN and options for Wi-Fi or 4G communication
    • Integral digital camera for documentation and reference
    • Automatic detection of and correction for windscreen
    • Robust and environmentally protected (IP44)
  • Software
    • Dynamic range in excess of 123 dB(A)
    • 0.5 Hz – 20 kHz broadband linear range
    • Personalized measurement, display and job setup
    • ‘Smiley’ quality indicators with hints and warnings
    • Timers for automatic start of measurement
    • Measurement Partner Cloud (MP Cloud)
    • Measurement Partner Suite for comprehensive postprocessing
    • GPS coordinates stored with measurement data
    • Simultaneous noise and weather data acquisition
    • 24- or 16-bit recording during all or parts of measurement