An advanced, easy-to-use class 1 sound level meter

HBK 2255 Sound Level Meter is an advanced, single-channel, class 1 sound level meter. While the instrument can be used as a stand-alone measurement device, it also works with our task-tailored mobile and PC apps and features a powerful open interface for integration into customized systems. Designed for users with varied and complex workloads, HBK 2255 can be relied upon to get the job done efficiently and with maximum confidence.

Whether measuring environmental noise from a new motorway, determining the sound power of a new product, or testing sound insulation between apartments, today’s acoustic professionals need a sound level meter that is powerful and flexible, but also efficient, reliable and easy-to-use. That is what HBK2255 delivers. This robust, class 1 sound level meter puts advanced functionality, ease-of-use and versatility into the palm of your hand together with the reliability and confidence that is ensured with the HBK brand. HBK2255 works seamlessly with a range of apps, each providing a complete solution for a specific job-to-do. Accurate acoustic measurement, analysis and documentation has never been so simple.

HBK2255 Sound Level Meter is a complete package solution that includes the Noise Partner app for both mobile measurement control, display and data transfer and as a PC-based application for analysis and documentation.


  • Noise measurements requiring IEC61672-compliant instrumentation
  • Basic broadband noise measurements with Noise Partner
  • Environmental noise assessments with Enviro Noise Partner
  • Occupational noise assessments with Work Noise Partner
  • Free-field sound power determination according to ISO3744 or ISO3746 and toy noise measurements according to EN71-1with Product Noise Partner
  • Sound insulation tests according to national and international standards with Building Acoustics Partner
  • Integrate type-approved sound level measurement data into other systems with Open Interface BZ-7400
  • Single measurement range: 22.7*–140.6dB(A) from noise floor to maximum level
  • 16GB internal storage
  • Automatic measurement transfer to network or USB storage media for backup and analysis
  • Robust design for indoor and outdoor measurements (IP54)
  • Wireless connectivity for remote control of measurements and data transfers
  • Simplified user interface using either the sound level meter or your iOS mobile device
  • GPS for time and position
  • Calibrator auto-detection
  • Windscreen auto-detection and compensation
  • TEDS support
  • Removable preamplifier
  • Lightweight
  • Weather station support
  • Open programming interface
  • Analysis-quality audio recordings (with the optional BZ-7451licence)

A complete solution

HBK2255 Sound Level Meter is a complete package solution that includes the Noise Partner app for both mobile measurement control, display, and data transfer and as a PC-based application for analysis and documentation.

Smart accessories

From tripods, calibrators, mobile phone holders, and more – HBK provides you with the accessories you need to complete any measurement task using HBK2255.

Hassle-free licensing

HBK2255 licences are installed in the instrument, enabling measurement functions on the instrument as well as:

  • Allowing connections to licenced mobile apps
  • Embedding licences in measurement files for editing in licenced desktop apps

The sound level meter

HBK2255 provides effortless usability with a dust- and waterresistant body that is rubberized for a more secure grip and ensured compliance to IP54. The seven control buttons can be comfortably operated with one hand, and the clear, bright displayshows you the most important information at a single glance. With a 13-hour battery life, you can be sure it will not let you down.

Wireless connectivity

Using the Noise Partner app on your mobile device, you can wirelessly connect to HBK2255, giving you the flexibility to control your measurements via your mobile device, thus avoiding possible body reflections or unsafe environments. Once the app has connected to the sound level meter, the app will remember the instrument and automatically connect to it when in range.

A platform that helps you get the job done

The HBK2255 platform includes a range of apps, each tailored to assist a specific job-to-do. An instrument can be licenced for more than one app, so switching tasks is as easy as – switching apps.

  • Enviro Noise Partner – for environmental noise surveys that include markers to isolate sounds (for example, removing a barking dog or identifying the moment when a sound source is operating) and checklists to ensure each step is completed to local requirements
  • Work Noise Partner – for workplace noise surveys that guides you through a full work-day noise exposure calculation. Frequency analysis is included along with tools to select appropriate hearing protectors when needed
  • Product Noise Partner – for free-field sound power determination according to ISO3744 or ISO3746, or toy noise assessments according to EN71-1
  • Building Acoustics Partner – for assessment of sound insulation according to national and international standards