QuantumX MX840B and MX440B: 24-Bit Universal Measuring Amplifier for All Common Sensor Technologies

The MX840B and MX440B modules are the universal measuring amplifiers of the QuantumX series. This means that sensors and transducers based on 17 different sensor technologies can be connected to each of the 8 (MX840B) or 4 (MX440B) channels available on these amplifiers (see complete survey below). Owing to the innovative “Plug & Measure” technology, the QuantumX module automatically identifies your transducer and is immediately ready to start measuring. 

The universal measuring amplifiers of the QuantumX family thus substantially minimize the setup time in the test stand and are the ideal choice for frequently changing measuring tasks. As always with the QuantumX, the universal measuring amplifiers can be employed as stand-alone instruments or combined with other modules; this can be achieved in various topologies (centralized, distributed, hybrid) as well as by connecting them to a PC (e.g. with HBM catman software) or a data recorder (e.g. for mobile measurements). The resulting flexibility and scalability are definitely unique in the market.

The universal modules provide a 24-bit analog-to-digital converter, sample rates of 40 kS/s per channel, and active low-pass filters and are renowned for their high precision.

The combination of precision, flexibility, and measurement setup at lightning speed makes each QuantumX universal measuring amplifier an “all-purpose tool” for demanding and highly efficient data acquisition in measurement, which has already been used in tens of thousands of applications. Typical applications include test stands, service tasks, mobile data acquisition, and monitoring. 

  • Accuracy class: up to 0.05%
  • Sample rate per channel: up to 40 kS/s

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Time-saving and efficient

  • Connection of 17 different transducer technologies per channel
  • Plug & Measure: Automatic sensor identification and channel configuration
  • Fast calibration of transducers or validation through internal shunt connection
  • Custom configuration of individual channels
  • Wide ambient temperature range (-20 °C to +65 °C) and robust design allow use in any location
  • Distributed system and short, pre-wired sense leads

Precise and reliable

  • 24-bit analog-to-digital converter per channel
  • Individual sample rates of up to 40 kS/s
  • Active low-pass filter
  • Accuracy classes ranging from 0.05 to 0.1 (depending on the sensor technology)
  • Working standard calibration certificate according to ISO 10012 stored in the module
  • DAkkS certificate (ISO 17025) from HBM on request

Compact, mobile, and scalable

  • The modules can be used as stand-alone instruments or combined with other measuring modules
  • Many measuring modules for special tasks are available (e.g. high-precision, torque, full bridges, etc.)
  • Different topologies (centralized, distributed, hybrid)
  • Real-time integration with the Ethernet fieldbus (CX27B), CAN (MX471B), or voltage output (MX878B)
  • Open software concept (Visual Studio .NET, LabVIEW, etc.)

Minimized setup time in the test stand and an ideal fit for frequently changing measurement tasks, due to immediate sensor identification and universal connectors.

Reliable results and proven high quality from HBM ensure successful tests at any time!

From one to thousands of channels: Measuring equipment that is scalable to fit your requirements and integrates with your system.