Kuhner Shaker – SB50-X(OSB)

Orbital shaken bioreactor for single-use bags

The SB50-X is an orbital shaken bioreactor for the cultivation of human, mammalian and plant cells in a single-use bag. A working volume from 15 litres up to 50 litres for the SB50-X ensures easy scale-up from microtiter plates to shaking flasks and all the way up to 200 litres. The SB50-X can be used in research, process development or production.

The SB50-X was developed and tested in collaboration with ExcellGene SA (Monthey, Switzerland) and the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland).

Performance characteristics

  • Large capacity (50L working volume)
    single use bioreactor system
  • Cultivation of human, mammalian and plant cells
  • Fast, simple set up
  • Easy scale-up
  • Online measurement of pH and DO


Single-use bag for fast and simple set up

The cylindrical vessel accepts a single-use bag. This bag requires no additional mixing device, enables quick set up times and eliminates elaborate cleaning and sterilising procedures. Various ports are incorporated to allow feeding, inoculation, harvesting and sampling. The bag has built in optical sensors for pH and DO.

Orbital motion

The orbital motion of the SB50-X ensures efficient liquid mixing. It allows high oxygen transfer rates with low shear forces. Mechanical stress on the cells is reduced thanks to bubble-free surface gassing with almost no frothing. This motion is particularly suitable for microcarrier cultivation. The SB50-X uses the unique Kuhner direct drive which provides accurate control of the orbital speed.


Trouble free scale-up

The SB50-X fills a gap in the scale-up chain from microtiter plates all the way up to 200 litres. The consistent hydro-dynamics of shaken bioreactors provide reproducible cultivation conditions throughout the volume range. The culture from the SB50-X can also serve as preculture or inoculum for the SB200-X.

Control unit

Control unit and online measurement

The bespoke control unit, designed by Kuhner, uses the latest touch-screen technology and Kuhner Insight software for data recording, calibration, programming and controlling. Technical controls for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance are built into the software.

The SB50-X can be heated or cooled. Temperature ramps are easily programmed and processed.
Online measurement of each parameter (dissolved oxygen and pH-value in the medium) is available.

Pumping system

The control unit incorporates two small and one big peristaltic pump. This enables simple regulation of the pH value, feeding and the transfer of the culture media (scale-up or processing).

Gas mixing

The SB50-X has an integrated gas mixing device (FlowCon).
Whether stabilizing the pH with CO2, or preventing low dissolved oxygen concentrations, the gas mixer meets all user needs. Four mass flow controllers ensure highly accurate and reproducible gas mixing. An integrated pressure sensor prevents over pressure in the bioreactor by reducing the gas flow in the first step (1. limit) and shutting off the gas flow in the second step (2. limit). Step limits can be freely programmed by the user. Integrated air filters and back pressure valves ensure interference free and long operating times for the FlowCon.

Filter heater

A height adjustable filter heater, with up to two exhaust filters, is installed above the cylindrical vessel. Special emphasis has been placed on developing a user friendly unit. The filter heater combats any water vapour condensation in the outlet air which might cause the membranes to block. The temperature is monitored and controlled by Kuhner Insight software.


Dimensions (in mm) shaker

Mains connection

Reader Box-X

Filter heater

Control Unit

Dimensions (in mm) control trailer

Kuhner Insight Software


Gas Mixing