The universal load cell series – proven over a hundred thousand times

The SP4M certified single point load cell made of aluminum and a very large nominal load range weighs particularly precisely up to Accuracy Class C6 Multitrange and an enormous maximum factor (Y value) of up to 20,000. In addition to explosion-proof versions for potentially explosive atmospheres, the load cell is available with additional options such as different connection cable lengths and balanced output for parallel connection.

SP4M Overview

Accuracy Class / Minimum verification interval (Y)C3 MultiRange up to C6 MultiRange,Y =  10,000 up to  20,000 
Max. capacities1 kg … 200 kg
Degree of protectionIP67
Cable lengths1,5 m … 12 m
Key features Up to 6,000 load verification intervals (with C6 accuracy class)Also available with explosion protectionOff-center load compensationAdjusted outputs, suitable for parallel connections (optionally available) 

Universally applicable

  • Enabling flexible scale designs with wide applicability
  • Compensated corner load error (OIML R76)
  • 6-wire circuit for high signal stability
  • High EMC resistance
  • Tested quality with test report (OIML R60)
  • For multi-range applications with limited ranges
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Ideal solution with a broad range of applications in many areas

Easy to customize

  • Very large range of available maximum capacities from 1 to 200 kg
  • Easy to integrate with compact design
  • Body made of stainless steel or light aluminum
  • Rugged to protection class IP68 / IP69K
  • Explosion-proof versions available
  • Specially protected cables and plugs
  • Suitable for parallel connection with balanced signal output
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Optimally configurable for application-oriented scale construction and design.

Special accessories

  • Various cable lengths available
  • Different cable materials available (PVC, PUR)
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Suitable connection cables for different applications and ambient conditions. Allows immediate use of the load cell.

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