Trays with fixed clamps

The clamps are riveted onto these trays and cannot be removed. They offer maximum stability and will often hold a larger number of flasks than universal trays. These trays come in four sizes (E, EX, F and C), each available in a variety of flask clamp sizes from 25 to 6000ml.


(420 x 420 mm)

Order numberDescriptionNumber of clamps
SM320025E-25 ml81
SM320050E-50 ml50
SM320100E-100 ml39
SM320125E-125 ml30
SM320150E-150 ml30
SM320200E-200 ml20
SM320250E-250 ml18
SM320300E-300 ml15
SM320500E-500 ml12
SM321000E-1000 ml9
SM321500E-1500 ml5
SM322000E-2000 ml5
SM323000E-3000 ml4
SM324000E-4000 ml2
SM325000E-5000 ml2
SM326000E-6000 ml1

(500 x 420 mm)

Order numberDescriptionNumber of clamps
SMX320025EX-25 ml90
SMX320050EX-50 ml60
SMX320100EX-100 ml42
SMX320125EX-125 ml36
SMX320150EX-150 ml32
SMX320200EX-200 ml25
SMX320250EX-250 ml21
SMX320300EX-300 ml18
SMX320500EX-500 ml14
SMX321000EX-1000 ml9
SMX321500EX-1500 ml8
SMX322000EX-2000 ml5
SMX323000EX-3000 ml4
SMX324000EX-4000 ml3
SMX325000EX-5000 ml3
SMX326000EX-6000 ml2

(800 x 420 mm)

Order numberDescriptionNumber of clamps
SM330025F-25 ml153
SM330050F-50 ml100
SM330100F-100 ml74
SM330125F-125 ml60
SM330150F-150 ml60
SM330200F-200 ml40
SM330250F-250 ml40
SM330300F-300 ml30
SM330500F-500 ml26
SM331000F-1000 ml16
SM331500F-1500 ml12
SM332000F-2000 ml9
SM333000F-3000 ml8
SM334000F-4000 ml5
SM335000F-5000 ml4
SM336000F-6000 ml3

(800 x 660 mm)

Order numberDescriptionNumber of clamps
SM340025C-25 ml238
SM340050C-50 ml153
SM340100C-100 ml116
SM340125C-125 ml96
SM340150C-150 ml96
SM340200C-200 ml75
SM340250C-250 ml65
SM340300C-300 ml55
SM340500C-500 ml42
SM341000C-1000 ml24
SM341500C-1500 ml18
SM342000C-2000 ml15
SM343000C-3000 ml11
SM344000C-4000 ml8
SM345000C-5000 ml6
SM346000C-6000 ml6