Type 2270-W


Type 2270 is our flagship, two-channel vibration meter, and vibration analyzer, designed for advanced measurement capabilities while providing the flexibility to perform simultaneous sound and vibration measurements.

Type 2270-W is a compact and rugged two-channel vibration meter and vibration analyzer (without preamplifier). Connect one or two accelerometers and Type 2270-W becomes a highly accurate vibration meter.

The two channels enable simultaneous measurement of two separate signals, which in certain applications halves the time required for measurement.

Beyond the two channels, Type 2270-W features pre-selected measurement apps,  enabling vibration measurements of level and crest factor. With the addition of more specialized apps and accessories, you can expand the instrument for any tasks.


  • Vibration level checks
  • Crest factor measurements


• Machinery troubleshooting
• Product development
• Quality control and inspection
• Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)
• Single‐channel FFT analysis of sound or vibration


• Wide dynamic range
• PC software for analysis, reporting and archiving included
• User‐defined metadata to aid documentation

Enhanced Vibration

• Time domain integration to velocity and displacement
• RMS and true peak in acceleration, velocity and displacement
• Peak‐to‐peak in displacement
• Optional 1/3‐octave spectra in acceleration or velocity
• Crest factor with 1 kHz high‐pass filter

FFT Spectra

• Up to 6400 lines of analysis
• Spans from 100 Hz to 20 kHz in a traditional 1‐2‐5 sequence
• Improved frequency resolution: down to 16 mHz, broadband or zoom
• Dual‐overlay spectrum display
• Compare spectrum to reference spectrum
• Max. hold spectrum
• Capture transient events with signal level triggers, including


• Transducer database
• CCLD input for accelerometers
• Relate noise or vibration to rotational speed with simultaneous tachometer
• Measurements in SI (metric) and UK/US units
• Unit scaling (RMS, Pwr, PSD, ESD, Peak, P‐P)

Quality Control

• Tolerance windows with check against preset limits
• Quality Check template for quick and clear results
• TTL output for control of external devices

Signal Recording (optional)

• Record input signal, one channel for Type 2250‐W and two
channels with Type 2270‐W, for later playback or analysis, 16‐
or 24‐bit