Precise, Robust and Easily Adaptable

The U10 (U10M, U10S) force transducer is ideally suited for test bench applications and challenging tasks in production

U10 Force Transducer: Capacities from 1.25 kN to 2.5 MN

The rotationally symmetric, low-profile U10 force sensor has multiple uses focusing on applications in test benches, material testing machines, and challenging tasks in production. Tensile and compressive forces can be measured.

  • HBM accuracy class:  0.02 to 0.05
  • Capacities: 1.25 kN to 2.5 MN


  • Benchmark precision
  • TCzero of 150 ppm/10 K or 75 ppm/10 K with 200% calibration
  • Minimal linearity deviation and hysteresis and very good repeatability
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Large measuring range in compliance with specified accuracy requirements, improved yield in product tests through small error bands.


  • Made from rust-proof materials, degree of protection IP68 (with cable option)
  • Electrical bending moment compensation: Bending (for example resulting from applied lateral forces) does not impact the measurement result
  • Fit for fatigue tests, peak to peak load of 200% of nominal force can be applied
  • Vibration resistant
  • EMC approved
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Reliability even in unfavorable measurement conditions (e.g. temperature gradients, parasitic mechanical influences).

Adaptable to your needs

  • U10 optimally adapts to its measurement task: Over 5,000 combinations are available
  • Select from many options such as TEDS, flange or foot adapter version, 100% or 200% calibration, load introduction pin, several connectors and cable options and more
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Time saving plug-and-play solutions, easy adaption.

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