Precise Weighing Modules for Maximum Stability

The Z6M weighing modules provide maximum precision up to C3 accuracy class and offer high stability, even in case of strong lateral forces.

Z6M Weighing Modules for Precise Weighing up to 500 kg

The Z6M weighing modules come with HBM’s high-quality series Z6F load cells and allow very precise measurement. They are ideal for use in the food, building, and pharmaceutical industries. Sturdy design and capacity up to 500 kg ensure stability of tanks and silos.  The Z6M have self-centering rocker pins that ensure optimal force application. They allow fast and easy integration owing to pre-assembled load cells. The module is immediately ready for use, maintenance-free, and can be used in legal-for-trade applications.

  • Accuracy class: up to C3
  • Max. capacity: up to 500 kg

High-quality results

  • Precise weighing with HBM’s high-quality series Z6 load cell
  • Suitable for legal-for-trade applications as per OIML R60
  • Ideal force application due to self-centering rocker pin
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Precise measurement results owing to HBM’s high-quality load cells and rocker pin construction

Easy to integrate

  • Reliable, maintenance-free operation
  • Easy assembly facilitated by mounting holes
  • Immediately ready for use due to pre-assembled load cell
  • Reliable owing to robust, metal-braid ground cable
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Instantly ready for use, thanks to pre-installed load cell 

Suitable for use in industrial applications

  • Sturdy design: Galvanized or stainless steel
  • Can be loaded with up to 1.5 times its capacity
  • Many variants with different cable lengths and capacities are available
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Practice-oriented application with matching accessories, backed by decades of experience in the application

Z6M Weighing Module — Space-Saving Due to Low Height

Z6B Weighing Module

The Z6M weighing module measures precisely up to C3 accuracy class. It is suitable, for example, for weighing building and bulk materials. With a height of only 93.3 mm, the Z6M is extremely flat—ideal for applications with space constraints. Due to its anti-liftoff device and stay rod, the Z6M offers complete stability, even in case of strong lateral forces. An explosion-proof IECEx/ATEX weighing module stainless steel version is also available for use in industrial environments.

  • Series Z6F load cells provide high-quality results up to C3 accuracy class
  • Five maximum capacities ranging between 30 kg and 500 kg are available
  • High stability owing to anti-liftoff device and stay rod
  • Space saving due to its very low height of construction,  only 93.6 mm
  • Explosion-proof, in accordance with IECEx/ATEX

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